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Uploaded: 11th Nov 2014 at 2:05 AM
Updated: 26th Mar 2020 at 1:20 PM

Since I've installed UC it seems as though every time I start the game Origin thinks my game needs to be repaired. Repairing the game files made my .nlo files revert to the original. I'm tired of manually copy/pasting my edited .nlo files, so I created a program that will replace the game .nlo files with the editing ones included in the folders.

What are .nlo files
.nlo files define lighting, colors, intensity, etc for game lights. You can alter the light type (amber, softwhite, fire, etc), intensity (brightness)

The programs folder contains subfolders for all the game .nlo files, as well as some Lighting.txt files. Each of these have had some tweaks, mostly changing the glow color for lights (see sample pics) so that the rooms light in white and not the color of the light texture.

To Use
Simply double click the shortcut for LightingFixes and all of the games .nlo files will be replaced with the included tweaked versions.

To Customize
Edit the .nlo files in the programs folder, or replace with others that you have downloaded. Then run the LightingFixes shortcut.

Other Info
I've included a back up of all Maxis Lights, but these don't auto install with my program. You have to do that part manually.
If you choose to not use any of the .nlo files, simply disable them by changing the name of the file. (ie: EP8Lights.bkp)

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