CAS!.package Switcher Program

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Long overdue update 07/07/2010: Sorry for not doing anything with this for the last two years, but I pretty much stopped playing The Sims 2 shortly after writing this program. I still don't have Vista or Win7, but luckily NickM406 has written a CAS! Switcher program that is being updated and works with XP, Vista and Win7:

So a big thanks to NickM406 for keeping the idea alive and supporting the operating systems I can't. Please switch to that program as I won't be doing anything more with this program. Thanks again to everyone that responded to my program and I hope those that could run it got some good use from it.


I originally wrote this program just for my own use, but I thought I would share it as a thanks to everyone on here!

This little program makes it easy to switch CAS! screens for The Sims 2 game. You can add two preview screenshots so you don't have to guess which file is which.

I use several CAS! screens and trying to remember which one was which was getting to be a pain. Also renaming and moving files manually was a hassle. This automates the process and if you add screenshots it also solves the problem of which CAS! screen you are switching to.

Requirements: Windows XP (should work in any version of Windows 98 or higher, but I've only tested it with Windows XP)

Update: 4-11-2008 - Some people may need the Visual Basic 5 runtime file "Msvbvm50.dll" for this to work if they don't already have this installed on their system. This can be downloaded from Microsoft at:

Installation: Just copy the program file and empty folder to your Sims 2 DOWNLOADS folder, usually located at:

C:\Documents and Settings\............\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads

then copy (one at a time) a CAS! screen file (usally named CAS!.package) into the folder named CAS (or create a folder named CAS in DOWNLOADS if you didn't use the included one). Rename each file to whatever you want, keeping the extension ".package". I find naming the file after the creator with an added number is easiest. Then add the next, and so on.

Example: rename CAS!.package to Phaenoh01.package

You can add two screenshots for each CAS! screen. They must be JPG format, but can be any size. The program will shrink/expand them to fit. They must be named the same as the CAS! screen file, but with an "A" or "B" added to the name. You can use lower or upper case, it doesn't matter.

Example: Phaenoh01A.jpg and Phaenoh01B.jpg

I just use the screenshots for both rooms provided from the author, saving each with the added letter, A for the design room and B for the group photo room.


This program is free to use but you may not upload to any other site or modify the program in any way. Copyright 2008 by Wade Tweitmann

Thanks to all the people and users at for all the great stuff they've done! I hope this program will encourage more people to create their own CAS! screens and share them.

Additional Credits:
Screenshots from CAS!.package authors: Phaenoh, Reyn, and JRW.