Bay Tree Drive 06

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Uploaded 29th Apr 2007 at 9:23 AM · Updated 21st Sep 2008 at 9:38 PM by plasticbox

Requires Nightlife, OfB, and Seasons.
Custom content included: Invisible Driveway by roddyaleixo, two wallpapers by HolySimoly

Bay Tree Drive
is a couple of starters and other small houses with gardens (or rather, space for gardens-to-be in most cases). They're built with both Seasons and a bit of city planning in mind: just like Backdoor Lane, all houses are based on the same templates (trees, driveways, pavement) and will make a well-formed alley when put next to each other.

Common features:
- Sideways driveways: realistic looking (to me) and space saving. Tested, found to work reliably in-game and won't block any carpools (not even on a 1-tile wide lot).
- Pretty trees in front, along with enough public space for visitor maintenance / yard sales / private rubbish dump / regular driveways in case you like those better
- Fenced-off gardens with gates: I've grown very fond of those as a gathering point for visitors (no chasing them across the lot while they're hiking from front door to back door). Also prevents kicking of trashcans, stealing of gnomes, and other forms of harrassment.
- Less minimalistic kitchens: I tried to provide some more space now that there's officially clutter (and juicers)
- The usual minimum equipment: lights in all furnished rooms, toilet, shower or tub, fridge, kitchen sink, trashcan, phone, burglar alarm, smoke detector, bookshelf, at least one double bed and seating for two. Compost bin too in most houses.

Bay Tree Drive 06:
Two-story starter, sparsely furnished for 1-2 but with room for more, basement with extra access to the garden. Easily expandable along the lines of Bay Tree Drive 02 (add rooms on top floor); you can also expand the whole thing to the left+right a little (no messing with basement windows required).

1 x double bedroom
2 x bathroom (1 furnished)
1 x kitchen/dining
1 x living room (quasi unfurnished)
2 x spare room (unfurnished, can be made into 3-4)

Cars on the screenshot are not included, they're just to show where the driveways are.

Households: 1
Played: No
Tested: Somewhat (a similar house)

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 19.960§

Custom Content Included:
- "Seaside Retreat" Siding by Holy Simoly
- "Seaside Retreat" Roof shade by Holy Simoly

Number of bedrooms: 3 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: Build content only
Furnishings: Starter Furnishings