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Zebraprint Glasses

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2007 at 4:36 PM
Updated: 10th Sep 2008 at 8:02 PM
Not much to say really. Glasses with a zebra print pattern on them. Child to elder, male and female.
Uses a Maxis mesh, which I think is base game, so no EP's needed
My Policy
Please don't upload these anywhere-including pay sites and the exchange!!!
Feel free to include with your Sims at MTS2 ONLY but please link back here if you do!
If you want to include these anywhere else, PM me.

Enjoy and press the "thanks" button if you like them. Or if you really like them, the "comment" button. You have no idea how much nice comments make my day, so if you have the time, please leave a comment

Additional Credits:
Maxis-for the mesh
MTS2-for the tutorials!!!