~Cairistiona Sim~ Teen Beauty

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Uploaded: 2nd Aug 2007 at 9:17 PM
Updated: 3rd Oct 2017 at 10:30 PM - updated links & included outfit mesh
I thought I'd share this sim with you guys
This is a teen female sim named Cairistiona. She is named after a girl I chat with (who goes by the name tchan/jerseyprincess on the forums). I thought it was such a great unique name.
Apparently there are different ways to pronounce it like ka-riss-styona

There is 1 thing you will need to go download to make Cairistiona look like she is in my screenshots:
Hair#56 from XMSims (link below) -- if they close their site, look for Flora_hair056 at the graveyard

I hope you guys like Cairistiona!

Custom Content by Me:
- Cairistiona Sim

Custom Content Included:
- sparkling eyes - black by helaene (site closed)
- lipgloss by sims24ever (site closed)
- eyeliner by barcelonista
- eyebrows by icedmango/lapink (site closed)
- freckles by Rensim
- nosemakeup-light by AnKieode (site closed)
- blush by [email protected] (site closed)
- skintone by @stefan
- outfit by Jaedyn
- outfit mesh by SimChic (site closed), along with read-me file that says I can include the mesh with my sim

Additional Credits:
IcedMango -- thank you for all the wonderful cc and for being you
Barcelonista and Helaene -- thanks for all the great makeup/genetics
Jaedyn -- thanks for the cute clothes
and thank you to all the other creators that let sim-makers like me freely use your items!