Shirley Temple

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Uploaded: 15th Oct 2007 at 5:55 AM
Updated: 8th May 2009 at 1:18 PM by Echo
Introducing little miss Shirley Temple, the adorable and ever uplifting child star of 1930's Hollywood.

Included for your downloading pleasure:

Complete Custom "Shirley Temple" Sim including:
The complete Sim in formal "Little Miss Broadway" outfit, with tiara, packaged as one.

A custom body shape has been created by me for Shirley, so as to better represent her well-shaped "dancer's" calves, which were well rounded, as well as her healthy plumpness as a well cared for little girl. Both her legs and arms have been plumped out, which gives her a more realistic shape than the rather sad stick-figure shape of the generic child Sim.

She wears a custom skin-tone in a fair complexioned soft rosie pinkish, embellished in the areas of musculature of the legs, particularly those dancer's calves, and rounded dimpled knees. This extends to her full facial skin, with soft pink lips and colorations suitable to the glowing health of a pretty young child. Note the cute little dimples and the sweet rose-petal soft blush cheeks. Her eyebrows have also been made as part of the facial skintone.

Included as separate items for individual download:
Custom Body Shape - Rounded Calves, Upper Legs, Forearms and Upper Arms. (Shower-proof)
Custom Skin Tone - Fair Skinned Rosie Pinkish with complete custom face
Custom Eye Color - Sparkling Dark Brown
Custom Hair - Strawberry Blond/Light Brown Tousled Short Curls

Custom Head Accessory - Sparkling Little Girl's Tiara as worn in "Little Miss Broadway".

(tiara to be found under eyeglasses as an accessory and not a part of a hair. The tiara has been situated so that it can be worn with nearly all child hair styles. The higher and poofier the hair of course, the less the base of the tiara will show.)

Custom Clothing - meshes and texures:

2 Dresses for Formal or Everyday
- "Curly Top" Pale Pink Tap Dance Dress
- "Little Miss Broadway" Pale Pink Ruffle Sleeved Sparkling Dance Dress with Silver Shoes

1 - Custom Pajamas
- "Poor Little Rich Girl" Loose, Baggy, Silky White with Navy Polka Dot Pj's

1 Custom 1930's Era Little Girl's Swimsuit, White Seersucker Background with Sunny Pink and Orange toned daisies

1930's Era Child Star Toy Chest (recolor of Maxis original toy chest).
The decorative stickers on the toy chest correspond to popular cultural icons of the era, including Popeye, Little Orphan Annie, a California travel sticker, a Pan American Airlines travel sticker, a small sticker representing 20th Century Fox (Shirley's contract studio), and golden glittery stars. If peeping inside the chest, one would discover that the book inside is "Heidi", a story for which Shirley played the title role in a movie.

UPDATE: November 15, 2008
Curly Top Pink Tap Dress - Mesh correction.
I noticed a nearly imperceptible gap just above the black ribbon band on the chest area of this dress, which would appear during very vigorous movement. I made a correction to the bones for that single naughty vertice, which cleared up the matter. I have re-uploaded the corrected mesh within the Curly Top Pink Tap Dress.rar.

All custom content with meshes are created by me and all are listed below.

Polygon Counts:
Hair Mesh - 1268
Tiara Mesh - 140
"Curly Top" Pink Tap Dance Dress Mesh - 3688
"Little Miss Broadway" Finale Dance Dress Mesh - 3845
1930's Era Little Girl's Swimsuit Mesh - 1736
"Poor Little Rich Girl" Pajamas Mesh - 2082
Modified Bodyshape Mesh (bottom/top combined) - 1686

Custom Content by Me:
- Mesh for Pajamas
- Poor Little Rich Girl Pajamas
- Mesh for Tiara
- Little Miss Broadway Star Spangled Tiara
- Shirley Temple packaged Sim
- Sparkling Dark Brown Eyes
- Little Miss Broadway Star Spangled Tiara
- Shirley Temple Skin Tone
- Shirley Temple Tousled Curls
- Shirley Temple Tousled Curls
- Mesh for Hair
- Little Miss Broadway "Finale"
- Mesh for Little Miss Broadway Dress
- Mesh for bodyshape bottom portion
- Mesh for bodyshape top portion
- Shirley Temple Skin Tone
- Sparkling Dark Brown Eyes
- Mesh for Curly Top Tap Dress
- "Curly Top" Pink Tap Dress
- Hair Mesh
- Shirley Temple Tousled Curls
- Mesh for Little Miss Broadway Dress
- Little Miss Broadway "Finale"
- 1930's Child Star Toy Chest

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to all of the kind and knowledgeable tutorial writers here.

Special thanks also to Warlokk for explaining all about bodyshape making in his guide at:
( and his guide