Sci-Fi Law Enforcement

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Uploaded 29th Nov 2007 at 1:11 PM · Updated 1st Dec 2007 at 4:52 PM by alexasrosa


I felt like doing something different so here’s something for all Sci-Fi buffs out there.

I did not incorporated any weapons and stuff, although there are all “security officers”, because I think that there’s a lot of great weapons and belts and stuff around and each one can add at will.

I also wished I could have used a space helmet for the SpacePatrol couple, but I didn’t find any mesh for female.

Hope you enjoy and, as usual, comments and feed-back are welcomed!

Meshes Needed:

amBBFutureCop - BodyBuilder Here
afBBFutureCop - BodyBuilder here

amSBBFutureIntervention & amSBBSpacePatrol -SlimBodyBuilder here AND as a download further down

afAtlFutureIntervention & afAtlSpacePatrol - Atlete - here

Hair and Face: Maxis
NOTE: Future Intervention Hair needs OFB !

Additional Credits:
marvine & beosboxboy for the great meshes.
Wirelessguy for the BumpMapped SlimBodyBuilder

NOTES These clothes will NOT show in YA, except for the yellow one.
If you have problems, put the meshes directly in the downloads folder, and not in a clothes sub-folder.
I added the am_SBB mesh, to avoid confusions, but kept the link to the original.