New Major! - Optometry

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Hello all.

I present to you my first major - Optometry.

It was cloned from the physics major, it does have it's own GUID.

It really is nothing like the physics major, I have changed everything up to the length of classes.

I would first like to thank WhiteRider. Her tutorial was amzingly easy to understand so 1000 thank-you to WhiteRider.

You will also need to download FrikaC's 'Major's Made Easier'

The focused skills are- Cleaning, Logic, Mechanical, Creativity & Charisma.

Here are the subjects and times for each term -

Freshman Term 1 - Pupil: Part of the eye or a student? 11am -1pm
Freshman Term 2 - Windows of the World: Cleaning the Windows 2pm -4pm

Sophomore Term 1 - Windows of the World: When they fog up 5pm - 9pm
Sophomore Term 2 - What are 'Hip' Styles these days? 3pm - 7pm

Junior Term 1 - Lasers & Eyes: Friends or Foes? 9am - 11am
Junior Term 2 - Carrots: Do they help or are your parents telling lies? 10am - 12am

Senior Term 1 - Crosseyes: Awesome Party Trick 1pm - 3pm
Senior Term 2 - Fake Eyes: Should you use plastic or glass? 5pm - 7pm

I have also attached a word document with the table of skills you will need each term.

I hope you enjoy. I hope I do make more in the future because it was very fun making it. If anyone has any ideas for a major I would love to hear about it.

Have fun simming.

Crows -

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