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Bermude SET

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Uploaded: 24th Dec 2007 at 10:10 AM
Updated: 12th Jan 2008 at 8:26 AM
there is my new creation : The Bermude Set.
It contain many realistics plants, and a waterfall for the pool.

To place on the pool, you need to use the cheatcode "moveobjects on".
IMPORTANT ! you need The Bon Voyage expansion for use the waterfall ! (because the animation come with this expansion.
I corrected the package of the waterfall. There was a stupid error of me and I'm very sorry for unpleasant occurrence. If you downloaded the waterfal before the 30th Dec 2007, you must to download it again. Thank you.
This new package replace the old in your download.
Its avaible in sculpture, ant it cost 1000§.

Realistics Plants & Trees
There are Ensete ventricosum (big banana tree) You need to water, like flowers
There are Pritchardia pacifica (palm of tropics)
There are Yucca faxoniana (big yucca of Mexico)
There is a Furcarea bedinghaussi (little plant who seem to a yucca)
There are Cordyline australis (plant with many trunks) You don't need to cut
There is a Hibiscus coccineus (little shrub with big flowers) You don't need to cut
You don't need expansions packs for use plants and trees.

Conditions To Use :
Please, don't recolor my news meshes, don't use to make other object.
You can upload all of my creations with 2 simples rules :

- NEVER in a part of PAY item, because I share my work for FREE !
- Give appropriate CREDIT AND LINK to the download on ModTheSims2.

Polygon Counts:
All are under 2000 vertices !

Cordyline australis (3,5m-3 branches) : 1897 vertices & 3204 faces.
Cordyline australis (4,5m-3 branches) : 1925 vertices & 3252 faces.
Cordyline australis (4,5m-3 PIEDS) : 1996 vertices & 3280 faces.

Hibiscus coccineus : 1175 vertices & 1326 faces.

NEW Ensete ventricosum (2,5m) : 1564 vertices & 1550 faces.
NEW Ensete ventricosum (4m) : 1564 vertices & 1550 faces.
NEW Ensete ventricosum (6m) : 1564 vertices & 1550 faces.
NEW Ensete ventricosum (7m) : 1592 vertices & 1574 faces.

Pritchardia pacifica (2m) : 618 vertices & 476 faces.
Pritchardia pacifica (3m) : 1092 vertices & 808 faces.
Pritchardia pacifica (6m) : 1388 vertices & 1070 faces.
Pritchardia pacifica (8m) : 1416 vertices & 1094 faces.

Furcraea bedinghaussi : 794 vertices & 1056 faces.

Yucca faxoniana (3,50m) : 1212 vertices & 1620 faces.
Yucca faxoniana (5,50m) : 1652 vertices & 2292 faces.

Waterfall : 96 vertices & 72 faces. ( Bon Voyage REQUIRED )

Good game !