Alarm Camouflage - New Meshes

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Uploaded: 15th Mar 2008 at 12:54 AM
Updated: 19th Mar 2009 at 7:54 PM by -Maylin-
You have finished to decorate your favourite house. Pretty furniture all around, delightful floors and walls... curtains, plants, beautiful lamps, and... What's that terrific spotting object destroying your sight, arrrrrg???

Don't worry!, from now you can keep safe your sims from fires and robberies with this set of new objects that protect their houses without disturbing their souls: Put overmantels in your fireplaces, and put paintings in your foyers: avoid risks with style!

The Naniburglaralarms: A small set with two meshes simulating pictures in two different shapes with light wood frame, plus two recolors of each one, in dark wood and white frames.

The Nanifirealarms: A set of three new meshes simulating overmantels in three different styles. Firealarm 1, in french style is almost square and fits the mantel of the fireplace. The mesh comes in white carved marble. The recolor comes in wood, matching one of my boiseries with doors.

Firealarm 2 has been chosen to present the thread, made in a hooded way that admit all kind of textures. The mesh wears a texture in carved grey stone. See in another pic below how it looks in rustic!

Finally, for those who cannot live without clutter, mirrors or paintings over their fireplaces, Firealarm 3 is designed in a trumeau style, with a thin background between two tall brakects. You can put in with the moveObjects cheat or the cntrl+alt paintings, mirrors or sconce lights. The mesh comes with texture in mahogany with Regency carving. Another recolor over the art deco fireplace is shown in the pics below.

As always... happy simming and enjoy decorating.

Polygon Counts:
Burglaralarms polycount: 40x30
Firealarm1: 470x330
Firealarm2: 470x380
Firealarm3: 800x700

Additional Credits:
First of all, I want to thank the help of Bluetexasbonnie and Lamammaforever during the "crafting" of the set, triying to improve the overmantels testing them, giving new ideas and with a friendly but critical point of view.
A huge, huge kiss to the people who added me as favourite and thanked my creations more than 5.000 times. I want to celebrate with of all you the 70.000 downloads, yay!
And as always, a big THANK YOU to the creators, maintainers and supporters of the CEP, SimPE and MTS2, for contribute to my personal enjoy.