Rest - Terrain

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Uploaded: 4th May 2008 at 9:48 PM
Updated: 14th Dec 2012 at 12:48 PM
Welcome to the SoapBox Collection!

-Series for four Terrains.. Because I'm Bord.

On top of a mountain plateau, You get all the view at this market stall!

To be true, The placing of the roads what the hardest thing to do here! To steep, won't fit TS2, And as it was originally a sheer drop.. Well... It looks better now anyway!

This was designed to be a 'sub-hood' for the "River" Terrain also in this set, But you can use it how you wish!

-Give me debate, or give me content

This hood comes as is, With nothing in it, Made SC4, pics taken with FreeTime installed BUT I HAVE NOT EDITED THE TERRAIN MANUALLY! What do you think I am? A Pirate?!

-Handy Links, and more on THIS THREAD
Featuring a nifty tutorial, (For the beginner-Ly minded), a range of other tutorials to help you on your way, with ratings! with links to camera mods, and mapping mods galore, Just because I wanted to group them together!

-Overhead View in TS2

Three others to find, Go on, collect them all! You know you wanna!

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