Danielle Claue

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Who's She?

Danielle is a woman with all the right skills, and all the right mindset... just luck never seems to go her way. Thats ok, though - right? I mean, you can't tempt fate.

She came out of university a little later than the rest of her peers, but gained much more knowledge out of her extra two years, and after finishing that course she had her eye on last year after university, she.. well, doesn't really know what to do with herself. Of course, she tells herself to get a job, what else?! But.. after in education for the length of time she has, she feels like she's missed out on life-skills and day-to-day normal stuff that she could have grasped with all the others.

Although coming from first-experiences you may decipher that Danielle is a brash and outgoing character, her inner self is much more introverted. She deals with many issues in her mind about Self-perfection, lack of a true family, and the temptations of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, she wants to overcome her negative mindset and become at peace with herself. Maybe she can get that Family she desires?

Amazingly, Danielle found she has some distant French relatives - visiting France would be a great idea, I think, to get herself off on the right starting point!

Photographer's eye
Never Nude

Peanut butter and Jelly // Grilled Cheese [Come on, you know its irresistible]
French Music

Extra Information

Danielle was made without a Slider hack. She does, however, require World Adventures - for her Hair, Traits and Favourites. No idea what happens if you don't have WA and you try to add her to your game, though.
My Defaults are by aikea guinea [Skins and Eyes] :: SKIN EYES
The Rest Is Maxis, CAST'd by me.

The Installing

Download the file attatched in the "Downloads" tab and find the ".sim" file after extracting the RAR. Place this into "SavedSims" in:
(My) Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3
[Or any alternative]
You will be able to find her in your Sim Bin in CAS next time you play!

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