Mountain - Terrain

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Uploaded 4th May 2008 at 9:54 PM · Updated 14th Dec 2012 at 12:48 PM by Petchy

Welcome to the SoapBox Collection!

-Series for four Terrains.. Because I'm bord.

High up in the sky, Clouds below you, Sitting like a duck and crossing your fingers an avalanche doesn't start!

Well, It won't happen anyway!

This was created as a sub-hood to the 'River' terrain also in this set, But I like it how it is! Maybe a 'Mountain' destination? I dunno, But its nice! :D

-Give me debate, or give me content

This hood comes as is, With nothing in it, Made SC4, pics taken with FreeTime installed BUT I HAVE NOT EDITED THE TERRAIN MANUALLY! What do you think I am? A Pirate?!

-Handy Links, and more on THIS THREAD
Featuring a nifty tutorial, (For the beginner-Ly minded), a range of other tutorials to help you on your way, with ratings! with links to camera mods, and mapping mods galore, Just because I wanted to group them together!

-Overhead View in TS2

Three others to find, Go on, collect them all! You know you wanna!

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