The Blues Nursery- 7 Items!

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Uploaded 12th Oct 2008 at 7:29 PM

The Blues Nursery

I present to you my newest recolour set, the Blues Nursery.

Main Picture:

This basically formed one day while I was browsing for textures for another set, when I found the main texture and thought "What a nice texture" I downloaded it and then opened up simPE. I thought at first I was going to make a bedroom set, which I will (eventaully) but I decided on nurseries, as maxis gave us barely any colours and none of them (except for the cot and changing table) matched. Thus, this lovely wood set was formed.

Items Recoloured:
Rip Co. wobbly rabit head
Magical Mystery's shape, rattle and roll
Rip Co. Toy Bin
Rip Co. Xylophone
The kinder kontainer
The Sanitation Station Baby changing table
tinkle trainer 6000 potty chair

sims 2

Additional Credits: SimPE Paint NET

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