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"Dress Me Correctly" Mod

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Uploaded: 6th Feb 2009 at 5:29 PM
Updated: 15th Jun 2010 at 12:36 PM - Replacement .rar after server problem
*Updated 16th August 2009*
Fixed error in school clothes changing - see section below
When I play Sims, their mornings tend to follow a routine which includes trying to squeeze in a shower before going to work (nice to get the hygiene motive high before setting out for the day). I say "squeeze" because it's often the last thing they do before running out the door. So, I noticed that they come out of the shower and 'spin' into their everyday clothes, and then immediately 'spin' again into their work clothes. That's just silly. Also, at bedtime, they get out of the bath, 'spin' into their everyday clothes, walk into the next room and 'spin' again into their pajamas before getting into bed. Again, that's just silly.

So I have designed a global mod that controls which outfit the Sim puts on when they get out of the shower/bath, instead of it always being the Sims everyday outfit. Now when your Sim has finished their shower/bath they will get dressed into an appropriate outfit based on how close they are to starting any of the following 'tasks':-
  • Going to work
    Some jobs have special uniforms, and some the Sim goes wearing their Everyday outfit. Bear this mind if you see your Sim change into Everyday clothes when you are expecting Work clothes. The easy way to tell is if your Sim owns a Dresser; there will be a separate menu option "Dress for Work" if this Sim has a special outfit to wear to work.
  • Going to school
    Private School has a uniform, but for Public School your Sim goes wearing their Everyday outfit. Bear this mind if you see your Sim change into Everyday clothes when you are expecting School clothes.
  • Going to bed
    Bedtime is calculated based off School Start time for Children and Teens and off Work Start Time for Adults and Elders. This means that bedtime moves for Adults and Elders.
If the time is two hours prior to one of these 'tasks' and not yet half way through the time spent doing the 'task' then they will change into the appropriate clothing for that 'task' as they finish their Shower/Bath. Otherwise they will change into everyday clothes.

If by any chance your Sim does end up changing into the wrong outfit, no harm will come to them as they will still change into the correct attire when attending to this 'task'.

Please note that your Sim only changes clothes if they take a shower or a bath - it's not going to direct them to change just because it's two hours before Work/School/Bedtime.

I have done a lot of testing of this mod, with various different job start times crossing various time boundaries, but I shouldn't pretend that this is perfect, so if you do find an issue where you think the Sim is getting dressed into the wrong outfit the following section tells you the information I will need.


Update History
  • Fixed a problem where children changed into school uniforms (only apparent when children attend Private School) on Saturday. Thanks to myokichoccy and Sadie79 for reporting this issue.
  • Fixed a problem where children changed into school uniforms on Snow Days. Thanks to Sadie79 for reporting this issue.

Additional Credits: :lovestruc
Quaxi for SimPEwiki
Numenor for the AnyGameStarter.
All the people responding on the Creator Feedback Forum who helped me in designing this mod.
crumplebottom_marky4444 for the More Snow During Winter mod which made it easier to test behaviour on Snow Days.