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Fusteria for broken building (windows and doors)

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Uploaded: 12th Feb 2009 at 3:21 PM
Updated: 17th May 2014 at 10:34 PM by leefish
Woodwork a bit old, a little broken, a little old-fashioned, a little ...

An almost complete set (always forget something) ... :
three low door; four high door; four doubles doors; two arcs a simple and double; six large windows; four small windows: a simple window, one window with shutters and two double windows(one high and one low).

always forget something...
I add two new round windows models, four meshes in the model:
whole window, top, middle and down.
roundwindow_fusteria, they need masters meshes. The window slot is only for decoration.
I add a update the archs for apartmet... you must delete "tall_arch folder" (tallarch1forbrokenbuilding, tallarch1forbrokenbuilding_d2, Tallarch2forbrokenbuilding, Tallarch2forbrokenbuilding_d2) and remplace for "FusteriaArchs_update_Aparment folder" (tallarch1forbrokenbuilding, tallarch1forbrokenbuilding_d2, Tallarch2forbrokenbuilding, Tallarch2forbrokenbuilding_d2). The archs have the same guid
And I add a privacy window...

Solid recolors

Metal recolors

I add a UVWmap Templates for doors and for window wood, if you want make a recolor, it will be more easy...
Texture masters:
doorfor01brokenbuilding (wood, wood2)
doorglass01forbrokenbuilding (wood2, glass_doors)
window01forbrokenbuilding (glass_window)

Polygon Counts:
Door01: 480 faces
Doorglass01: 480 faces
Window01: 348 faces

Doorglass02: 720 faces

Bigdoor01: 1524 faces
Bigdoor02: 1764 faces
Bigdoor03: 1524 faces
Bigdoor04: 888 faces

Bigwindow01: 580 faces
Bigwindow02: 568 faces
Bigwindow03: 700 faces
Bigwindow04: 700 faces
Bigwindow05: 460 faces
Bigwindow06: 460 faces

Tallarch1: 176 faces
Tallarch2: 432 faces

Talldoor01: 584 faces
Talldoorglass01: 584 faces
Talldoorglass02: 584 faces
Talldoorglass03: 724 faces

Wind2tiles: 564 faces
Tallwind2tiles: 836 faces
Winctrs (shutter): 792 faces

Round window
round win1: 1356 faces diagonal: 696 faces
round win1 down: 1236 faces diagonal: 680 faces
round win1 mid: 1220 faces diagonal: 670 faces
round win1: 1290 faces diagonal: 686 faces

round win2: 1390 faces diagonal: 696 faces
round win2 down: 1320 faces diagonal: 680 faces
round win2 mid: 1254 faces diagonal: 674 faces
round win2: 1322 faces diagonal: 678 faces

Additional Credits:
Feedback forum, pixelhate(txmt tutorial), ...
Potty for Planters by buggybooz
Floors: Dirty concrete floor from Hal-life 2. By Fiddledeedee. Garden of Shadows.