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ITF Perigee Planter Fix

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Uploaded: 30th Aug 2019 at 2:38 AM
During my latest building/testing adventures, I discovered that EA had done horrible quality control for one of their fences (shocking, I know). Medium and deep snow floated above the flowers in the planter box of the fence, rather than covering them, making it an eyesore during winter. It had to be fixed. While doing so, I discovered that there were additional stencils that EA never enabled (again, what a surprise ) so I also went ahead and enabled them, though I did do some slight tweaks to some of the colors.

This is a default override and, as such, will conflict with any other overrides that alter the following:
  • CFEN 0x799C26BD534558E9
  • XML 0x00000000A0F506FC
  • XML 0x00000000A0ABE982
  • XML 0x00000000A011D547

Special thanks to mspoodle1 for giving me the correct option to look for!