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The Mondrian - 4 br, 6 ba, split level

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Uploaded: 27th Jul 2009 at 1:11 PM
Updated: 27th Jul 2009 at 5:11 PM - Changes Required

The Mondrian is a chic, edgy little nest and is blatantly fashioned to look like Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow, 1930 by the influential Neo-Plasticist, Piet Mondrian. A habitat for only truly inspired artists, captivating authors, and gifted musicians, the Mondrian bleeds the kind of style that is beyond sufficient to represent four rising superstars.

The Composition II facsimile nests firmly on the front of the structure and greets its four owners with its De Stijl nature as they pull into one of the four diagonal parking spaces right next to the zen garden. Immediately inside is the swanky meal area, and famished sims can choose to eat at the island counters or the table. For those that really need to go when they have just arrived, the bathrooms are to the right, just past the bar - one of the bars, anyway. The living room holds the main stash of playthings and bulk of day-to-day existence, and by its own disclosure it's just begging for a guest or six. Artists can jump out the side door to the waiting easils and writers can plant themselves in front of the laptops or browse the custom books in the posh-modern bookshelf. Musicians will have to go upstairs for practice.

The upper floors hold yet more entertainment - plush leather lounges, a grand bookcase with more custom books, drinking areas for the both the wild party-animal and the jittery teatotaler, a virtual sim-life room lit up with lamps with a scoreboard and journal area, and a sinful three-step Casanova Room Sequence - you'll know what to do when you see it! Bedrooms disclose a classic black and white and match each other exactly. And finally, sims can huff and puff that last flight of stairs to the roof, where there is an Unplugged style concert area, yet more lounges to wallow on, and an outdoor fire pit ( I like to pretend it's a witchcraft / occult sacrificial alter ).

On the third floor there is a reading area with a Sturdy Shelf and blue coffee table. In the middle of the large blue square is a suggested place to put a teleporter so that the sims on that floor can blink down to the ground floor each morning for breakfast.


4 Bedrooms, not counting the one in the Casanova Room Sequence
6 Bathrooms
4 Drinking Areas
4 Lounge Areas
2 Bookcases with custom books ( Art, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Drama, Trashy )
1 Concert Area on the roof
1 Three-step Casanova Room Sequence
1 Virtual Sim-Life Area
1 Zen Garden with viewing benches
1 Pool ( 8 x 4 tiles )

Lot Size: 40 x 30
Lot Value Furnished: 447,531
Lot Value Furnished: 174,807
Lot Location: 180 Redwood Pkwy

The Mondrian was made without any patches installed. CFE Ceilings are a side effect of using constrainFloorElevation false. As of now, there is no solution or workaround available to this minor faux pas on the part of the developers. Due to the nature of a life dedicated to rising to stardom, The Mondrian is no place for children, as it was intended for use in all of the Three S's of Fame - socializing, sin, and the Smustle.