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Ginormous Rocks Mountain Edition: UPDATED File

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2009 at 5:53 PM
Updated: 21st Mar 2011 at 9:20 PM - File Update
Ashillion has repacked the rocks to make them viewable from map view. Apparently there was an issue with that, which he fixed. You can download his version (all rocks together) on Mediafire here ---> New Rocks

Just like my Ginormous Rocks Granite Edition, these were extracted from the neighborhood/world objects and converted for use in game. Categorized under "Rocks" (for obvious reasons ;P ), these are priced at 25 simoleons.

One issue, if you place a house/usable item, then place a rock on top of it, the items beneath are still usable and sim can walk through the rock. However, if you place the rock first, you will not be able to click anywhere in it and sims path around it. I've done minimal testing. I do plan to build a lot with these. I still have one more set to extract. There's 7 rocks in this, 6 in the Granite. Thusfar, 13 total.

Again, the names all went awry with **** and a bunch of numbers... And some worked fine. One of those great mysteries in life. Better that way, my descriptions were lame. You try to find something clever to say about really big rocks XD

(Is it me, or is he thinking about punching a llama?)

Additional Credits:
Sims 3 Object Cloner (s3oc) by Peter Jones

Pattern on wall is from my Japanese Theme Pack and sim is my creation, though not yet ready for upload. His name is Guile Reignson. (My bf's character from his FPS's)