Ginormous Rocks Miscellaneous Edition

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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2009 at 6:01 PM
Updated: 21st Mar 2011 at 9:36 PM - Related Page added
Ashillion has repacked the rocks to make them viewable from map view. Apparently there was an issue with that, which he fixed. You can download his version (all rocks together) on Mediafire here ---> New Rocks (This is all three of the original rocks listings)

I'm sure I'm not the only one disappointed by the lack of a decent rock selection for use when landscaping gardens and such. Now these rocks, I've extracted from the game were for use as neighborhood/world decoration. These are rather extremely large. However, for those of you who are adept with terrain sculpting tools and the moveObject cheat, these rocks may come in pretty useful.

Now one weird thing I haven't really played around with. When first testing these rocks out, I plopped one down right smack in the middle of a house, which it completely enveloped. And I clicked for my sim to interact with something inside the rock, and he walked right through the rock! There may be some use to that, so I left it. I am unsure if this may occur in other instances. I did try walking through one on a community lot which was vacant before I slapped the rocks down, and nothing inside the rocks to click on. But didn't path through or anything. Haven't really tested it much, so feedback is appreciated.

This set has 4 Mountain rocks, the "small" ones are slightly bigger than a sim, and one really tall one. There's a giant Petroglyph rock, which has some cavesim scrawl on both sides. And finally, there's the Waterfall set, one placement, with many rocks. One issue with it. It floats. I think it's meant to be underwater, there's even a waterline in the texture if you look closely. It's also HUGE. So if you plan to make some really, really really big waterfalls, there you go.

I priced all rocks as 25 simoleons. Which is in between the prices of everything else in the rock section. So the whole set will be easy to discern. The titles seem to be numerical with lots of **** despite the fact I renamed everything. A few of them came out right, and I did the same thing with both and even re-extracted it, etc. I made sure everything was set to convert English to all languages, so I give up.

This is the final installment of really big rocks: Ginormous Rocks Mountain Edition and Ginormous Rocks Granite Edition

Additional Credits:
Sims 3 Object Cloner (s3oc) by Peter Jones