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Uploaded 11th Oct 2009 at 6:10 PM · Updated 13th Nov 2010 at 10:02 PM by NekoCat : Updated to fix "Corrupt Texture Compositor txt" error

Now compatible with Late Night and Ambitions.

Twallan over at The Simmers Club has come up with a mod that will display up to 24 thumbnails on the screen. It's called "The Portrait Panel" and is not a core mod. Make sure you read his directions.

If you need more than 24 Select-a-sim is still available.

EA only displays 8 thumbnails, no matter how many sims you have added to your house. You can overcome this limitation partially (use the spacebar or right click the sim) but, unfortunately, the camera will move to wherever that sim is. The thumbnail action of clicking once and viewing stats is not available, and that is what Select-a-Sim was designed to overcome.

Select-A-Sim provides you with a list of the sims living in the house. When you select a name on the list the active sim changes, but the camera location does not, thus allowing you to check up on everyone without changing the current action. This is also great if you don’t actually know where the sim is. Without a thumbnail you’re stuck searching the map view – or that big house you thought was so cool.

The functionality is built into a clone of the Fern Keeper, which is found in Decorations / Plants for 1 simolean. I chose the Fern Keeper because it can be placed on any surface (table or floor) and is large enough to be noticed, but small enough to blend in. Just click on the object, click “Select-A-Sim” from the menu and then select your sim from the list.

Please let me know if you have any problems. I tested it on a family with 11 members, as well as adding and subtracting members to make sure the list adjusted. I have AwesomeMod and Nraas super computer installed and ran into no conflicts. My game is patched up to 2.3.33.

Select-A-Sim is not a core mod and will not allow you add additional sims to your house. Twallan's NRaas Supercomputer and StoryProgression mods (you will need both) will allow you to have more than 8 sims in a household. AwesomeMod from Pescado at MATY will also add more than 8, but he has found a way to add the thumbnails to the display. The main difference between the two is that NRaas is not a core mod and AwesomeMod is a core mod. So basically you only need my mod if you are using NRaas. I prefer not to use core mods so I use Select-a-Sim with NRaas.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Twallan and Pescado for allowing me to have lots of sims in one house and to Twallan and Ani for answering my questions in the modding forum and pointing me in the right direction. And of course to Kolipoki for the great Object Modding tutorial. Also thanks to Twallan and Desecrate for pointing me in the right direction to update this for Late Night.

Update on April 4, 2010
This mod is now compatible with 2.3.33.

The "Corrupt Texture comositor txtc" error has been fixed. (This error only shows up in the Sims3Dashboard tool.)

It was not an error that would have prevented it from working in-game so it is not required that you update from the first version. However, if you are having problems, please try the updated version.

If you are having problems please submit full information about how you found the error. It's makes it so much easier to track down and I can get the update posted faster. Just leaving an error code doesn't tell me when or how the error showed up. You don't need logs or anything, just tell me in your own words what happened.

This mod is compatible with High End Loft Stuff .

If your game is using up a lot of memory (either because you have added a lot of Sims or the lot has a lot of stuff on it) the display on the Select-a-Sim may randomly close before you can scroll to the end of the list. Because this is a memory issue, there isn't a lot I can do about that. However, pausing the game periodically can help decrease lag time (it lets the actions catch-up, so to speak.)

If you are updating from the previous version, delete the original first.