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Carpool Disabler

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2010 at 1:16 AM
Updated: 15th Mar 2014 at 10:51 AM
2014-03-15 - Compatible with game version 1.67. No changes.

scope of this mod
If someone dared to park on the street in front of a house honking for an hour where I live, we would pull them out of their car, give 'em a good whack with a shovel and then drive out to the desert mafia-style. Well, at least we would imagine it. People around here are probably way too polite to actually do it. And then there's this distinct lack of deserts ... oh, well.

This mod allows you to stop the honking lunatics at least in TS3. Click on the mailbox of your current lot to find the interactions.
The carpool interaction will only show up for sims with a career with an active carpool. The schoolbus interaction will only show up for children and teenagers.

Disabling the carpool or schoolbus will only affect the specific sim you deactivated it for. It doesn't affect the whole neighborhood. Plus, the carpool/schoolbus will only appear for the active household anyway, so there's no point in disabling it for inactive households.

The mod will remember when you deactivated a sim's carpool and will try to choke all following attempts of the game to re-establish it (happens on career changes). If a child grows up to teen you will have to deactivate the schoolbus again. If your sims move to a different lot, you will have to deactivate the carpool again, too.

This mod is fully localizable. Everyone willing to support a translation please look here and follow the instructions.
Currently supported languages: English, German, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Dutch, Czech

Supported for game version 1.67. Should work with game versions from 1.31 upwards, though.

possible conflicts and specifics
This is a scripting mod and as such the possibility for conflicts with other mods, no matter what kind, is next to non-existant. It will interfere with any scripting or core mod that disables or enables the carpool or schoolbus, but this will only alter this mod's functionality and never break anything.

This mod changes persistent data. That means if you disable a carpool or schoolbus they will remain disabled if you remove the mod from your game. Without the mod the game will re-establish the schoolbus when a child grows up to teen and the carpool on pretty much any career changes. Also both will be re-established by the game when you move your household.

Please respect that I support my mods but not mods or even custom content in general, not in my upload threads anyway and certainly not if you ask me by PM. I will always try to find and squish bugs, therefore I appreciate bug reports. If one of my mods isn't working for you, please at least try to ensure that it's a failure of my mod before you ask for help. You'll find the link to the detailed CC Basics tutorial when you click on the Install Instructions tab. I am a compassionate guy, but please understand that I can only muster so much endurance to address issues completely unrelated to my mods.

Thanks to GTNS, Wojtek, Alessio^89^, blahapp, radmam, Padda1794, JackalRiot, youri987, pcexpert and Mar_ienka for translating

Might lead to a serious case of squished brain. Your game should be safe, though.