Two Glass Walls

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Uploaded: 25th Jan 2010 at 10:10 PM
Here are two glass walls for decorating with. One is ceiling height and the other is the height of an EA shower stall. Both have a recolorable base. The glass is clear and cannot be recolored. Both walls will fit over the low EA brick wall border as shown in the picture below.

The walls are intended for the indoors and placement outside will result in a somewhat odd-looking shadow that I could not fix. If you want to place them outside I recommend putting them under a tree, on a covered porch, or some other place that will provide shade for them.

The decorative walls can be found in Buy/Decor/Misc.

Shower height wall - $5.00
Ceiling height wall - $10.00

Both have an environment score of 3.

The walls were cloned from the EA decorative bathroom towel cabinet thing in the base game with no patches.

Thank you to:

Ilee who came up with the idea of a glass wall that would sit on EA's border wall and who gave advice on making these walls.

HazuiTokage who let me use her glass window for sizing and for the base of my object.

HugeLunatic who provided good ideas (I will get to the base-less walls soon )

hisui hana who shared her perfect glass shader numbers in the meshing section - I've used them on these objects.

In the pictures below:

The subway tile shown in the bathroom was created by JaneSamborski and can be found in the MTS pattern section.

The backless shower was created by Petallotus and can be found in Buy/Plumbing here at MTS.

Shower height wall (cheat used to place them):

Ceiling height wall:

Wall on EA border wall (no cheat required to place like this):

I hope you enjoy them.


Polygon Counts:
For both items:

Faces: 126
Vertices: 232

Additional Credits:
Inge & Peter Jones - S3OC & S3PE WesHowe - S3ObjTool