Malibu Manor

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Uploaded: 27th Feb 2010 at 11:33 PM
Requires Base Game and World Adventures

This lot features:
Full dining room
Large kitchen
Laundry Room
Stairs with large foyer
5 Bedrooms
6 Bathrooms
Numerous sitting areas

Most people do not know that Richard McPike made plans for a large home in Malibu, Simerica before he died.

His plans were tucked away for decades......until now.

This is a replica based on McPike's plans.

This large 5 Bedroom, 6 Bathroom manor was meant for the most jaded sims.

This Luxurious home sits on a 40x40 lot, and is priced at 267,167 Furnished, 154,906 Unfurnished.

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback in #create

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 267,167

Additional Credits:
Thanks once again goes to HugeLunatic, whose windows are amazing. Here's where you can thank her for the windows

*Note these are optional*
Also thank you to melissamel, whose washer/dryer were used for the laundry room. You may download them here.