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Ecto-1 ! Big *updated* [13/12/2011]

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Uploaded: 21st Jun 2010 at 6:38 PM
Updated: 13th Dec 2011 at 1:45 PM - Update for compatibility with the new "Pets" 1.26.89 patch - and new design
hi everybody

Here is a really expected Car for your sims. The ECTO-1
dedicated to every Ghostbuster's movie fan.. like me

This is an original mesh entire modeled in Blender 3D by myself
I’ve been working on this project one weeks and i try to modeled like the original ECTO-1 from the movie.. i hope you like it...

BIG *UPDATED*[13/12/2011]
- Tested for compatibility with the new "Pets" 1.26.89 patch on Base Game
- Completely redesigned car
Please Redownload the file and either delete or overwrite the old one.

ECTO-1 Version 2
Better mesh with less polys, new handmade textures using my graphics tablet

8 new presets using stencils, Yes 8, choose whatever you want

Redesigned roof, removing unnecessary accessories and adding 9 slots to put in whatever you want

new UV Mapping and something that everyone was waiting, fully working siren, borrowed from the police car
you can turn on-off the siren while driving
the siren sound is the same that the police car, i don't want to make a custom sound, the custom sound can crash the game and i don't want this happen

The New Ecto-1 costs $15,000 $ 8,500 in game, can be found in the vehicles section
-Work fine for me, but let me know if you run into any problems.

Enjoy the new car everyone and sorry for the update delay

Polygon Counts:
V= 15,640 V=13,414
F=19,993 F=18,015

Additional Credits:
WesHowe for the Milkshape tools. ( Millions of thanks for your amazing tools )
Inge and Peter L Jones for the S3OC Object Cloner and S3PE.
Echo for Postal.
And the whole community of creators that make this possible.