Sentosa Two Concept

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Today I bring you another fantastic concept home by Guz Architects. This one was even more challenging than Sentosa One, based on only one cross-sectional concept sketch measuring 337x138 pixels. The focal point of the home is the elevated, wrap-around infinity pool, but I think the rest turned out OK. While the home does have a small second (guest) bedroom, it really is intended for only 1-2 rich celebrity sims -- and as many party-goers as possible!

Description of Sentosa Two by Guz Architects:

"House overlooking golf course at Sentosa, maximizing views on slope."

In the Sims 3, Sentosa Two is a single bedroom, 2.5 bathroom cliffside celebrity home with four playable levels. The elevated sub-level consists of a small guest bedroom, a half bath, an open laundry area, and a maintenance room servicing the pool and jacuzzi, all surrounded by a large U-shaped infinity pool with glass sides facing outwards. The pool level is half elevated and half buried into the side of the hill, and features an open entertainment area, the aforementioned jacuzzi, an open-air kitchen and dining area, a full bath, and a small storage closet. The main level is dominated by the great room, featuring both juice and bubble bars, as well as the master bedroom, complete with en-suite and separate activity room (this large area is designed to be easily reconfigurable, with the dividing wall freely adjustable to change the size of each room, while the folding doors leading on to the balcony can be closed or removed altogether). The top floor consists of a mezzanine set up for dancing and TV viewing, and a separate rooftop green space for sunbathing and other outdoor activities. Dividing the great room is a large chasm forged by an underground stream, which is open to viewing from all four levels. The arched driveway out front has room for one car, although two will fit easily with a little work.

I tried to keep the colour scheme identical to Sentosa One for the sake of consistency. While Sentosa One was all about having nature in every room, Sentosa Two is really all about the elevated, wrap-around infinity pool. But without an actual floor plan, I had to borrow certain architectural characteristics from other Guz homes -- and use a bit of imagination -- to fill in the rest. This house just wouldn't be possible if EA hadn't allowed us to build pools above ground with the latest LN/patch, but it also relies heavily on my Fractional Heights columns (both square and round) to pull it off. A couple of items on the lot are non-functional due to placement (eg: the sink behind the juice bar and the bookcase in the kitchen) and were added purely for aesthetics.

Sentosa Two is built on a 20x40 lot. In my game, this house resides on a previously empty area in Sunset Valley that I've come to call 60 Wright Way (see included pic for proper placement). You will first have to use the World Editor tool to place an empty 20x40 lot in this area, but there isn't much wiggle room so your placement can't help but be nearly identical to mine. When placing the lot you may not be able to place it directly up against the sidewalk because it isn't perfectly straight. It might take a few attempts to get the lot nice and close, but it can be done (you may need to use the ALT key while rotating the lot ever so slightly to ensure that the front of the lot is parallel to the sidewalk and as close to that street light as possible). Because of this I used the River Rock paver terrain paint to form the driveway, to better blend in with any small gap that might exist between the lot and the sidewalk. Unfortunately, due to the severe hillside slope of the lot, I cannot guarantee that it will "fit" in other locations within Sunset Valley, or in other towns either. I've purposely left 3-4 untouched tiles on the sides and rear of the house so that you can use the Smooth Terrain tool to blend it in with the surrounding terrain better if necessary.

Lot Size: 2x4

Lot Price: §162,824 furnished, §101,260 unfurnished

Included Custom Content: - "Thin Round Column in Fractional Heights" by me! Although the set actually includes eight "columns" ranging from 0.25x to 2.00x in height, only the 0.25x, 0.50x, 0.75x, 1.00x, and 1.25x columns are included with this lot. - "Thin Square Column in Fractional Heights" by me! Although the set actually includes eight "columns" ranging from 0.25x to 2.00x in height (plus a base), only the 1.00x, 1.75x, and 2.00x columns and the base are included with this lot.

Additional Credits:

Guz Architects, for their continued inspiring designs. You can view more of their work on their website (

PS: Do not attempt to use any Terrain tools on this lot without saving your game first! Attempting to raise or lower the terrain in some of the lower regions on the lot below or to the immediate sides of the pool will likely result in "massive flooding" that cannot be undone (the same may be true if you try to use the Water tool). If this happens, DO NOT SAVE YOUR GAME! Instead, exit out back to the Main Menu and reload your game. Also, due to the terrain at the very front of the lot, the mailbox might reset itself slightly once you've installed the lot in your game. This is due to the fact that it needs to be placed on perfectly flat terrain in order for the appropriate sim animations to work. To fix this, temporarily move the mailbox and garbage can out of the way, level the eight squares between the sidewalk and the wall (which is perfectly safe and won't result in "flooding" the lot), and then move them back into position.

Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: Build content only
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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