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Thin Square Column in Fractional Heights

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Uploaded: 1st Oct 2010 at 3:32 PM
This is a follow-up set of eight simple "columns" in quarter wall-height steps, from 0.25x to 2.00x -- but this time, square instead of round. Just like my round columns, they are cloned from the base game ficus plant and therefore do not function as normal Build Mode columns (ie: they DO NOT automatically create support for floor tiles above them). I made these in response to a request by a forum member, who preferred square columns to round ones. While my round columns were created specifically with only one of my houses in mind ("Singapore Fish House"), I felt that I should create these to give builders a second option.

Each column contains 24/12 vertices/faces irregardless of height. They can be found in Buy Mode under Decorative -> Miscellaneous, and are priced according to their height (eg: the 1.25x tall column costs §125).

As a small bonus, I created an optional round concrete base to place at the bottom at each column, to act as a sort of mini-foundation (like we had when using the pedestal-style foundation tool in Sims 2). You will need to use the MoveObjects cheat in order to place it, but it has been designed to fit both my round and square columns. The base contains 184/136 vertices/faces and costs §10.

Polygon Counts:
Columns: 24/12 vertices/faces each, irregardless of column height (with one recolourable channel)

Base: 184/136 vertices/faces (with one recolourable channel -- the brackets)