WP Living Set

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2011 at 6:22 PM
Updated: 19th Oct 2011 at 3:57 PM

Due to the format change introduced in the 1.26/1.27 patch, PETS EP, these objects ARE NOT compatible with games patched at or above 1.26/1.27, PETS.
Please check back later as objects are updated. Thank You.


About the Set
A highly versatile mix-and-match set to fill your empty walls. Set includes, five shelf units, a coffee table, chair, couch, a tv (in floor and wall mode), two ceiling lights, and two pieces of decor. I finally learned how to bake objects in Blender. So all these, and future objects, are baked. I really think it makes a huge difference! Especially on the TV's.

About the Shelf units
As I so often do, I was browsing the Google for ideas for something nice. I came across these shelves and knew I had to make them. The main one us 3-tiles wide and has room to put a mighty fine TV on it. The others are simple extensions, two with glass. All are open back, so placing and retrieving items is a piece of cake. Also, they are positioned to the edges, for connectivity from the sides and back. Intersect them, with 'moveobjects on' cheat, to create an endless array of combinations.

About the Table
Matches the couch and chair. Nothing remarkable to note.

About the Chair and Couch
Following a similar design to the shelves, the work well and are functional too. Offering comfort, these work well in a variety of areas.

About the TV's
When I saw the shelves online, there was a wall-mounted TV in the center. I sought to replicate this and so the TV came to be. But the vast amount of space the main shelf offers, prompted me to make a floor model as well. It's the Exact same TV, just with a stand instead of wall mount. The wall version can be moved up and down the wall as well.

About the Ceiling Lights
Originally created for an independent light set for Laviance Creations, they worked too well with these set so I included them. One is a half recessed light, and the other is a simple hang light. The recessed version is a spot light, while the hang light is broad area.

About the Decor
A vase was sitting on the main shelf when I view it online. I liked it, so meshed it. It has two CAST options, the first is solid, the second has stripes.

The second piece of decor, is perhaps my favorite part of this set. I named it '"Mother and Child". It's a sculpture of exactly that. Loosely based off another similar sculpture, I used my imagination to perfect the model.

About the Set Cont.

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Additional Credits:
Adobe Fireworks CS4/CS5 | TSR Workshop | MilkShape 3D
UVMapper | Blender | Google Sketchup 8