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High End TV Set

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Uploaded: 23rd Jun 2012 at 4:48 PM
Updated: 11th Aug 2012 at 2:40 PM by SeeMyu - Updated Levitating TV Issue
In the creation chat, Cherry92 spawned a creative idea on combining a TV stand with a bookshelf.. and, luckily enough.. I was able to complete the task! So here you have it! A bookshelf and TV combined.. but not literally.

Update 7/2/12: The TV seemed to levitate above the surface of the shelf, and I didn't even notice that! I apologize! The TV has now been updated and no longer levitates. ETA: Wow. Well, I updated it again because the main slot wasn't working. Also, I updated the incorrect footprint. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update 6/24/12: Okay. I updated the TV so now it is no longer floating! I also added a slot to the middle of the main shelf; that's where the TV needs to be placed. You can now place the TV not only on the surface of the shelf, but anywhere else that accepts Large slotted objects.

You need the Late Night patch or higher for these to work. You do not need the expansion pack

These are two separate meshes! (See placement instructions below)

Recolorable Channels:
HE TV Stand/Bookshelf: 1)Outline, 2) Other Outline, 3) Base, 4) Back of Shelf
HE TV: 1)Mount, 2)Legs, 3)TV Outline

Fun Note: Yes, the TV Stand is a bookshelf! You are able to add any books to the shelf. The shelf also has 23 slots for you to place decorative objects on!

Placement Instructions
To be able to place the TV on the shelf, restrain from adding objects on the main shelf until you have added the TV. If you have trouble placing objects next to the TV, try activating "moveobjects on"

Found Under:
HE TV Stand: Misc Storage, Misc Surfaces, Study
HE TV: Living, Electronics, Entertainment

HE TV Stand: $256
HE TV: $200

Photo Credits
Shelf Clutter Pack (20 items!) by cmomoney

Polygon Counts:
HE TV Stand: 489/343
HE TV: 826/722

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop
Milkshape 1. 8. 5
Adobe Photoshop CS5
And Cherry92 for giving me the idea!