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Lighten Up! A Mod for Brighter Computer Screens

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2011 at 1:07 AM
Updated: 20th Oct 2012 at 6:25 AM
Have you ever noticed how dark and dingy the computer screens are for the original computer interactions, like sending e-mail or finding a job, and how nice and bright they look for the ones that came with Free Time, like blogging or writing a novel? If you have and it annoys you, then this is for you.

By changing a setting in their TXMTs, this simple mod makes the screens for all original computer interactions just as bright as the FT ones:

Hair by Dustfinger, sweater by Sentate, wall, desk and computer by Maxis

This works for:
All in-game computers, plus any default replacement computer screens (as long as they only change the texture and not the TXMTs - in that case, their TXMTs can possibly override this mod).

This might not work for:
Custom computers. I've tested this mod on several different custom computers from different sites, and while it worked for the vast majority of them, I did come across two computers (both by the same creator) that it didn't work for, possibly because their TXMTs had already been modified. Therefore, I cannot say with absolute certainty that this mod will work for all custom computers.

The mod is basegame compatible. It has been tested on a computer that's never known anything but the basegame as well as in AnyGames with both different EP/SP combinations and with all EPs and SPs.

Additional Credits:
XanderGC and Leesester at leefish.nl, who inspired me to try to figure out why the basegame screens were so dark when the FT ones weren't.

Happy Brighter Simming!