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Variable Meal Servings -Updated 07/05/2012

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 29th Jul 2011 at 5:03 AM
Updated: 5th Jul 2012 at 7:14 PM - Fixed improper setting application
Variable Meal Server
Place the object on the lot. Menu allows you to set default meal serving size on that lot to 2 through 10 servings as well as 12, 16 or 20.
Be warned, it took my Sims about an hour and a half (Sim time) to serve 20 plates.
Servings default to six if object present but unused. Lots without an object use game default (6) or any modded default you may have.
"Cost" in food units is adjusted based on serving size.

Should work with custom food as well. I am unfamiliar with such objects, so it depends on what their files contain.
Initial feedback says it does!

Updated 07/29/2011
Fixed an issue with placement on the vase. Will now play nice with tables

Updated 07/30/2011
Added a Community Lot Plug-In that will allow VMS to function on community lots with grills.
Just add MTS_NDR_VMS_CommLotPlugIn to your downloads folder. It is not necessary to re-download newer versions of main files for this to work (it's a plug-in!) Should work with all game versions of the mod.

Updated 07/31/2011
Fixed texture reference on smoke detector (now has flashing red light)
Added floor placement flag to vase (by suggestion of Boiling Oil)
These updates are non-essential

Updated 08/20/2011 Fixed issue where the vase wasn't applying the setting of "3" properly. If you use the vase, you must replace both objects. Community lot plug-in is unaffected. (thanks, arathea)

Updated 07/05/2012 Added another optional Plug-in for AL users only. MTS2_NDR_VMS_AL_NutrimensPlugIn will allow the VMS to affect the number of servings when a Witch uses the Creatus Nutrimens spell. Yay!
Technically a beta, but seems to be working fine for me.

Current version is 2.3

This is not a global mod
Serving size is only adjusted in houses where you choose to adjust it and it can be changed.
For example, in a family of 4, you place a VMS and set serving size to 4. Every meal- breakfast lunch, dinner, dessert- made on that lot will have 4 servings. Let's say you have 3 guests come at dinnertime. Even though you made 4 bowls of cereal and 4 grilled cheese sandwiches, you can set the VMS to 7 to make 7 hamburgers for dinner. All meals on that lot will have 7 servings until you change it again.
Previously made meals (if unserved) retain the size they had at creation.

This mod overwrites semi-global 2021 "interaction- have a..."
Also semi-global 2030 "CT-Get Food Cost"
It will conflict with other mods that change the same BHAVs

Each .rar contains two files.
Make sure you have the files appropriate to your latest EP.

One object is a non functioning smoke alarm (wall mounted),
the other is a flower vase (for tables or countertops)
They have identical functions but different GUIDs you may install one or both

The wall mounted one can be placed to overlap with a functioning
smoke alarm using moveObjects cheat
IMPORTANT: The Mod object must be "under" the actual smoke detector to access the menu

Objects will be found under Appliances/Small for a cost of 0
Meal Serving size defaults to 6.
Click on the object to set a different default. These values stay with the object-
They will still be there if you save and return.
To uninstall from a house, simply delete the object.
To uninstall from your game, delete the file
There are no tokens, etc. left behind.
Multiple VMS may be placed on the same lot. Changing the meal serving attribute on one will change the value on all others.
Exception: If a VMS is placed (bought from catalog) after meal serving size has been set, the new VMS will initialize with its default of 6.
Simply change the setting on any VMS and all will update.

Only the version for AL/MG is what I would call "thoroughly tested," but they all use the same logic, so if any problems pop up, I should be able to fix them in a jiffy.


Additional Credits:
SimPE, Inge, Peter, Numenor, AdidasS2G, Echo, Dizzy, Jasana Bugbreeder, 2Jeffs, Smonaff, Pescado
I learned a heck of a lot from reading through some five year old threads
Thanks to the Sims 2 Community for sticking with a game that is superior in many ways. Continued support from creators and players keeps it fresh and interesting.