UPDATED--- FFDW-skintone (Non-Default+Default)

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Uploaded 11th Sep 2011 at 11:19 AM · Updated 7th Oct 2011 at 8:07 AM by -Mallow- : file update

I finally found some time to make this quite pale Non-default skin-tone for whole sim family (except for babies). It took me a while to finish this because when I first began this project I spent too much time on making fine details and then afterward I realized how the Sims 3 blurs textures really badly that I got fed up and moved the skin work aside. So some days ago I decided it was time to finish some of my too many unfinished works. I've been painting several skin files and editing them over and over again trying to make them look very smooth because I cant stand rough pixel look on the skin - sometimes it's tiring to be perfectionist ... yet I'm still not satisfied with the result but oh well, if I won't stop now I never will, so maybe some of you like this. Hit the thanks button if you appreciate the effort I put here to make it as good as possible,Thank you

If someone had a trouble where this skin-tone turned your sim pitch black there is now fixed file that should work. Also I would appreciate a feedback on that, if it worked on not. Thank you.

Technical information:
- toddler and child have same face texture but different bodies.
- Teen, Young adult, adult and elder have same body and face textures. (of course own version for female and male)
- There are 4 different color ramps - 3 of my own (Brown, pink and yellow) and then one Ea's default color in case if you prefer it better.

Simply extract the sims 3 package file into your My documents/Electronic Arts/Mods/packages folder.

Additional Credits:
Hair: Myos, Peggy free hairstyles, TumTum * Eyes: Lemonleaf, tifa,Tiffany * Eyebrows: WM