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Uploaded: 9th Mar 2012 at 11:57 PM
Updated: 15th Jul 2012 at 6:59 PM - Updated file
UPDATE 15.07.2012:
I added C face type for all ages & both genders. This type does not have the strong white "powder" look and has minor other edits so now the face skin will blend naturally with the rest of the body. The C face type can be seen on the images that have dark haired sim models.

I was not going to upload anything for a long while due the workload I have for my job, but sims is quite addicting. So I decided to at least make a better version of this skin as it has been in my to-do list for a long time already and thus after my break, I would not have any skins to make for sims 3 ever again. For some this skin might be familiar and for others a new thing so to put it simply, the idea of this skin is to make the sim brownish and glossy.

I wanted to make such a skin because I was intrigued by the idea of it and I wanted this kind of skin to have a lot of details and especially to have it working for all ages and both genders. But the previous version of mine, after looking at the body texture recently, has a terrible shine, simply drastic collarbones and an overly orange tint so now I have improved the body which is why I call this skin version 2.0. I added a new detail for the body, shaded it a bit differently and softened the tone, changed the shine to a glossy type and fixed bothersome seam areas. I also included two face types. "A" is the exact same face from the previous version. "B" type is a new, softer face. Well then, I mainly intended to share this among my friends but I thought that perhaps there were others who want to give this a try, to have some new variety for your game

  • There are fully 8 texture files. Own body and two face types for toddler and Child which are the same for both genders. Female body and two face types which are the same for teen to elder. Male body and two face types which are the same for teen to elder.
  • This skin is non-default, (Will not replace any skins) wouldn’t want every sim in town running around glossy brown. So there is not going to be a default replacement of this skin type, please understand.
  • There is only one tone ramp so you can adjust the skin color from light brown to darker.

CC Credit:

Female hair by AikeaGuinea/Tumtum/Anto
Male Hair by Myos The link will take you to the home page only but just navigate to the category on the right side, select Hair under Sims 3.The hair is called Medium layered hair(the first one). Once you click the hair there is a download link in the bottom of the page after the images.
Children hair and Hair in the "different angles image" All by EA, The female one of them from the Store here
Eyes by SashaJ, Tifa, Ephemera
Eyebrows by SashaJ, WM

CC On the dark hair models:
Male and child hair by Lapiz here and here
Female hair and the toddler hair are listed/linked in the list above.
Contacts: Heiret, Tifa, Ephemera
Eyebrows: WM
3DEyelashes S-club
Female pose:Elexis