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Vampire Hunter

17,293 Downloads 593 Thanks  Thanks 180 Favourited 139,549 Views
Uploaded: 5th Oct 2011 at 6:48 AM
Updated: 24th Feb 2013 at 3:33 AM - Overview Update
Last checked, works with patch 1.24 to 1.38.
User reported, works with patch 1.42, 1.47, 1.48, 1.50

Not Planning on Updating this
Hello all. I tend to work on mods that I use in my day to day gameplay. Honestly I have not used this mod in probably a year because I just don't play with vampire hunters, so the drive to update this mod is lacking. If someone else wants to update, add new feature, et cetera... Go right ahead. Just give me credit for the original.

If users want to post which patches it works with, I will update the overview.

Mod conflict sHoNi's immortal vampire mod has caused issue with at least one player. They reported unable to kill a vampire but were able to do so once the sHoNi's mod was removed and the caches cleared.

Some months ago, back during the first installation of my vampire attack mod someone had asked about one for the vampire slayer to fight back and kill the vampires. Well since I've worked the kinks out of my other mod, I've spent time making this new one.

A new pie menu called "Hunter" appears with the option to "dust" the vampire. Clicking dust will cause the two to fight and one will come out the winner with the loser dying (turning to dust if a vampire). Below is a successful "dusting".

Interaction Requirements:
Hunter (active sim):
  • Teenager or Older
Vampire (target):
  • Be a vampire (duh)
  • Be Teenager or Older

The interaction will succeed if the Hunter's athletic skill is greater than the Vampire's athletic skill. If the Hunter is also a Vampire, then their skill has to be equal or greater than the target Vampire's skill to succeed. If the hunter fails, the hunter will die as a consequence. Thus be careful.

Negative moodlets are applied if the hunter is friendly or if they're related to the vampire and are family oriented. Otherwise positive moodlets.

Though if you kill a vampire among other sims, unless the watcher is evil and/or mean-spirited, they will hate the survivor for killing the other.

This will work with my Vampire Attack Mod.