2012 Juke Coppertone

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Uploaded: 29th Dec 2011 at 9:36 AM
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Excuse me... You there! Please read the following important message addressed to you:
Morphead's Speed & Slot Script Class Mod, found here, is required for use. These will not work without Morphead's Speed & Slot Script Class Mod, found here. If you do not have Morphead's Speed & Slot Script Class Mod, found here, you will get an overpriced piece of deco.

I made this recently but I'm only just now getting to uploading it. My Dl score is kinda crap right now and I don't have time to update my other stuff, but it will be updated.

The Juke Coppertone is the bigger, badder version of the Juke Coperhead. Sadly,the Copperhead did not make it to mainstream production. Although the populous will never see the Copperhead, we can appreciate it's genes. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, the Juke Coppertone takes everything that was great about the Copperhead and expands from there. A leaner, more fuel-efficient engine allows for added interior space, bumping it to a four-seater. Aggressive tail lights lead to a phat rear end perfect for burnouts. Relaxed, friendly head lights make it easy on the eyes and suitable for everyday driving. Open top design gives you panoramic views and the breeze through your hair!
Comes in Sim City Police version: Dial 622!

The 2012 Juke Coppertone is a speedy car that exudes beastly qualities:
  • Custom 5-spoke rims makes sure getting to point A to point B is done in style.
  • Aggressive tail end styling captures the attention of all who glimpse it. Careful of those cops!
  • Unique two-tone body scheme

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