Tipsy OMSP

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Uploaded: 4th Mar 2012 at 1:01 AM
Updated: 7th Mar 2012 at 1:39 PM
This is an omsp that allows you to "tip over" objects at unique angles. It is based on the original One More Slot Package by Granthes. Thus once the object is tipped over, you may also vertically shift the omsp to the desired height.

***This object requires the original OMSP by Granthes to function. You must have it in your packages in addition to these tipsy omsp. Download the original HERE

How it works:

Once you have both Granthes original OMSP and the Tipsy omsp installed in your packages:

1. Find the omsp in Misc Surfaces. Place any object on the omsp and it will immediately tip over 90, 75, 45, or 15 degrees. These angles are not exact.

2. You can use the <> keys or alt and mouse to rotate the object as usual. However, some non-decor objects, especially large objects override the rotation with their own facing code. In this case you cannot rotate the object once placed on the omsp.

3. Depending on the initial direction of the omsp, the object you place on it will turn to a different angle. As you can see in the picture above, one chair is on its back while the other on its side due to the omsp being placed in a different direction.

4. When you place the object, depending on its size it may sink into the ground. This is where the unique functionality of Granthes' OMSP comes in. Holding down ctrl + shift, click on the omsp to raise or lower to the desired height. More information about the functionality of the original omsp can be found HERE

5. Ground shadows are attached to the mesh of object, so sometimes the shadows may float in the air.

6. Nice update from Grant about whether Sims can interact with objects tipped over using the tipsy omsp:
"The answer is the same as the original OMSP: They can, mostly. Sometimes for strange reasons they will route fail, but most of the time they work fine. Video Clip <----- This shows a sim using a chair that was tipped over.

Object has been tested with base game only as well as pets and 1.29.
You can download 90, 75, 45, 15 degrees separately or all of them in a combined package. I personally find the 90 the most useful.

Polygon Counts:
Vertices = 68, Polygons = 29

Additional Credits:
A Huge thank you to Granthes for permission to modify his original One More Slot Package. Without the unique functionality of this original object the tipsy omsp would not have been possible!

Thanks also to ATSSandy , Mireluk and Ninoosims for kindly testing the object.

Custom Content used in pictures: Chair Yuxi, converted to sims 3 here.
The rest of the content used in pictures is base game and ambitions.