Esther (Orphan:2009)

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Uploaded: 18th Mar 2012 at 5:28 PM
Updated: 18th Mar 2012 at 7:34 PM - Added clarification about the hair mesh.

It has been 3 years since the events that took place in Coleman family. Esther is now a teen, and she needs a family to adopt her, or she will be put to a workhome. No-one knows her history. The child service can see that something is wrong with her, but can't exactly figure out what.

Esther IS, a sweet, quiet girl, who enjoys painting and playing piano. But weird happenings surround her, and she always seems to be around when bad happens.


I don't know what got in to me, but I really really wanted to make her as a sim. Of course it was not too easy. The movie character is about 9 year old child, and anyone who's made sims can say that EA didn't really give us much options with child sims. So I decided to make her as a teen instead. It has not been 3 years from the events in the movie.

The Movie , btw, is awesome. Of course I can't recommend it to any minors, but those who have enough age to see it, I recommend

Enough blabber, this is about the sim after all. Here is a little comparison picture of the movie character and my sim. Left side picture is 50% opacity, right side one is 100% opacity. Bottom row shots then, are full real pic vs. full sim (which is not exactly same angle cause I have seem to deleted the original picture by accident :/)

Sim infos:
Age: Teen
Traits: Schmoozer, Evil, Shy, Neurotic

She comes in two versions. Mainly due the hair and clothing choices.

The full version requires Pets for the jacket, Late night for formal hair, and Ambitions for sleepwear hair.

The base game version is packed with all content being from base game.

Both versions have been packaged with EA hair and skin.

I have also used some CC on her, as well a few custom sliders. I also have MasterController with 3x slider range installed, so If you want to edit her, you need some extra slider range too, otherwise she'll snap back to EA default slider range, and look extremely funny.

She also has a custom everyday hair, made for this sim by our lovely Elexis. The hair is included in the download with her blessing.

CC used, not included:
FFDW-skintone non-default by -Mallow- (the beige-ish shade is the one I used)
LFB Freckles
Lemonleaf Lipstick N19

Awt Geom Sliders: Upper lip (both)
For editing the sim, you'll need any slider hack that adds range to the sliders. I used Twallan's MasterController with 3x slider range

Hair infos:
Ribbons added to EA hair, hairline moved slightly.
LOD0 and LOD1 2721, 256 polys more than EA's original due to added ribbons
Lower LOD's are the same as EA's
Catalog locations and stuffs:
Same as on original EA hair
Ribbons have one channel that can be CASTed

Custom Content Included:
- Modified EA hair with added ribbons by Elexis
The download page claims you need to download the mesh from Elexis's page, but it is actually included. The upload wizard asked for a link, so I gave one, but I repeat, the hair (mesh) is included in the files.

Additional Credits:
Thanks for everyone at CFF and Chat for feedback
Elexis for the hair and help
Arisuka for Finn help and good advices