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Curtain height adjustment for Generations

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Uploaded: 24th Jun 2011 at 5:52 AM
This mod is an add-on to Curtain Height Adjustment by Granthes.

I had been waiting for him to update his original upload, but got bored on waiting. So I PM'd him asking if he was gonna, or could I? So he said I could, and here we are.

What does it do?
This tiny little mod makes Generations curtains shiftable - they can now be moved up and down on the wall.

This is a default replacement - it will over-ride the Generations curtains in game!

What do you need to use this?
You will need Generations installed, with patch 8.0.152 or higher.

Possible conflicts:
It may conflict with anything that changes the OBJD of the Generations curtains, or all in-game curtains at once.

Additional Credits:
Granthes for the original upload, and for his blessing on me making this version