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Camera Pose Pack - Camera Accessory Included!!

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Uploaded: 31st Mar 2012 at 9:53 PM
You will need cmomoney's Pose Player found here. I am not cmomoney, so please do not ask me questions about the pose player itself. And do not ask questions until you've read both my thread and cmo's. Thanks

Hi there! I'm glad to be back, and here's something special for you all to enjoy! I got asked to do crime scene poses and you can't have a crime scene without someone taking some evidence photos!

So off I went making the WA camera an accessory. YOU WILL NOT NEED WA FOR THIS TO WORK!

There are seven poses, I plan on making more, like Myspace angles, and such. Anyways, here's some basic photo-taking poses!
These will ONLY work with MY CAMERA ACCESSORY!

Please have the most recently updated Pose Player, there is a very handy list function with pictures of the poses.

The poses included are:

The camera accessory can be found in the accessories section of clothing, under the rings. It is enabled for teen-elder and both genders. It is the same mesh as the WA debug camera, but I redid the texture for a higher quality look. It has three recolorable channels, as shown in the pictures.

There are 246 verts and 810 faces.

Custom content on the artistic model:
She has this hair.
She has this skin.
The top and boots are from The Pets expansion.
She is wearing this skirt.