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Decor Add-Ons

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2012 at 4:31 PM
The Decor Add-ons Set for kitchens

What makes my sims kitchen perfect for me, are those small adds that make it look like something lived in, clutter usually does it.

Considering this as one of my favourit EA's base game windows(probably the only one ) i tend to use it a lot, but when i go to the curtains category and try to find a proper curtain that goes with it and with my taste , i end up deleting it, then thought of this, a Glass-Door add-on for it, so i could use it more without worrying about what curtain should fit there more.

It started that way then I ended creating two more meshes that could match with those, introducing the gas pipe (deco too) and some sliced up cucumbers.

Enough with my rambling over my first upload here let me present the set more ^^

(Pattern tiled preview)

Glass-Windows add-on (Right)35Buy mode>Decor>Curtains and Blinds3144
Glass-Windows add-on (Left)35Buy mode>Decor>Curtains and Blinds3144
Gas Pipe35Buy mode>Decor>Deco Misc3High LODS: 572/Low LODS: 202
Slice it cucumber board35Buy mode>Decor>Deco Misc2High LODS: 389/Low LODS: 82


*Those Windows Glass Door Add-ons do not require the cheat "moveobjects on" to place them on the windows, I made them to fit right in place. However, if you place anything under them, you'll need to use the "moveobjects on" since I cloned a plant to make those so you can use the ALT and move them freely in case you have a CC window that is the same hight as this EA window and would like to move it around.
*This works Only with 1.26/1.27 Patch or higher.

And that's all, Just have fun with them ^^

Additional Credits:
Milkshape 3D, Photoshop CS3, UV mapper Pro, TSRW, S3pe, ATS for counters, EA for stove and windows.