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Wall mirror add-ons

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Uploaded: 29th Jan 2011 at 6:08 PM
Updated: 28th Jan 2012 at 2:49 PM
I made 7 new mirrors as add-ons to my earlier pack .

The new pieces work seamlessly together, and with the earlier ones

The set contains these mirrors:

Names and prices:
Mirror wall tiny half - 5§
Mirror wall tiny - 30§
Mirror wall small half - 50§
Mirror wall small - 100§
Mirror counterheight half - 150§
Mirror counterheight to full wallheight half - 200§
Mirror full wall half - 250§

All of them can be found in decorations - mirrors. Each have one recolourable channel, the sides, and they all have one preset.

Mirror wall tiny half, Mirror wall tiny, Mirror wall small half and Mirror wall small can be moved up and down on the wall, if you have patched your game to at least 1.17.

Here are few examples on how you could use them:

Polygon Counts:
All mirrors have same polygon count.

High lod: 36/30
Low lod: 20/12

Additional Credits:
EA for mirror I cloned from
Milkshape, TSRW, Photoshop and Paint.NET for being programs I used to make these.

The world in one of the pics is my BIDIY