Mezzaluna Kitchen

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Uploaded: 15th Nov 2021 at 11:47 PM
My new kitchen set is finally here! It comes with 20 different highly customizable objects to help you build the modern kitchen of your dreams.

Includes 3 different regular counters plus a special one for the built-in coffeemaker, 2 cabinets - shallow and deep, 3 tall deco cabinets, 1 tall deco cabinet with fake stoves, 2 deco cabinets with wine storage, 2 fridges, a functional stove, a functional dishwasher, a built-in coffee machine, a kitchen sink, 2 functional nectar racks.

Everything that comes with handles also has presets without them. Also everything is recolorable and has presets with big and small pattern tiling.

The tall deco cabinets are in Surfaces/Cabinets.

The counter for the coffeemaker is an actual, functional counter and also has a countertop-only version, so you can put a dishwasher underneath. No corner piece.

All the modular objects (4 counters and 2 cabinets) also have s3packs - install only ONE. Some (but not all, go figure) suffer from the standard texture glitch - as usual, re-casting them fixes that.

The dishwasher's 3rd color channel in on the inside (see pic), cause I had one left and well, why not?

Below you can see the coffee machine in action: (the skill meter is unrelated)

The sink has many decorative slots, including 3 on the little platform on the left.

The tall wine rack - both functional and deco, and the wine fridge all have so many presets because the color channels are separated differently in each and some have overlays. There were simply not enough channels for everything to be recolorable at once so I had to improvise.

The nectar racks have working geostates and display properly for empty/half-full/full stages. Both are the expensive kind, which means better nectar aging. They require World Adventures.

Everything else is BG compatible. All compressed.

I'm sure I've missed something as I am typing all of this for the second time around as the first one oh so kindly glitched out, but feel free to yell at me in the comments. Enjoy!


Cabinet Deep
high/med: 162f / 144f

Cabinet Shallow
high/med: 162f / 144f

high/med: 745f / 247f

Counter for Coffeemaker
high/med: 178f / 160f

Counter I
high/med: 90f / 72f

Counter II
high/med: 194f / 176f

Counter III
high/med: 194f / 176f

Deco Wine Rack Cabinet I
high/med: 2100f / 942f

Deco Wine Rack Cabinet II
high/med: 2472f / 934f

high/med: 400f / 382f

high/med: 346f / 328f

Kitchen Sink
high/med: 844f / 236f

high/med: 362f / 344f

Stove Cabinet
high/med: 200f / 182f

Tall Cabinet I
high/med: 172f / 154f

Tall Cabinet II
high/med: 302f / 284f

Tall Cabinet III
high/med: 172f / 154f

Wine Fridge
high/med: 2254f / 1096f

Wine Rack I
high/med: 2442f / 1128f

Wine Rack II
high/med: 2928f / 1086f