Incomplex Office

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Uploaded 22nd May 2012 at 4:23 PM · Updated 21st May 2012 at 11:14 PM by KiaraRawks

This is a very simple office set titled "Incomplex" and it comes with 12 meshes for you to enjoy. I am still the slight newbie when it comes to meshing as I've only recently figured out how to create meshes from scratch (i.e. using the vertex tool to create faces), but I think I've gotten decent enough to share with you all this set.

This set includes: Desk, Chair, Computer, Wall Art, a useable Empty Bookcase, Rug, and 6 Clutter Items (open book, stacked books, standing books, messy paper pile, paper tray, and glass vase).

ItemPriceLocationHigh PolyLow PolyChannels
Bookcase$250Storage343 Vertices 171 Faces343 Vertices 171 Faces2
Chair$600Comfort/Dining Chairs/Study427 Vertices 366 Faces391 Vertices 342 Faces2
Computer$1000Electronics/Study353 Vertices 345 Faces257 Vertices 231 Faces3
Desk$250Surfaces199 Vertices 99 Faces199 Vertices 99 Faces2
Glass Vase$40Decor/Plants443 Vertices 414 Faces258 Vertices 264 Faces0
Open Book$7Decor/Miscellaneous92 Vertices 76 Faces64 Vertices 52 Faces0
Paper Pile$2Decor/Miscellaneous16 Vertices 8 Faces16 Vertices 8 Faces0
Paper Tray$8Decor/Miscellaneous100 Vertices 60 Faces100 Vertices 60 Faces1
Stacked Books$5Decor/Miscellaneous444 Vertices 392 Faces272 Vertices 128 Faces0
Standing Books$18Decor/Miscellaneous119 Vertices 76 Faces111 Vertices 76 Faces0
Rug$120Decor/Rugs4 Vertices 2 FacesNone2 and 1
Wall Art$75Decor/Wall Hangings180 Vertices 86 Faces60 Vertices 30 Faces2

The rug has four different presets, the first 3 have 2 color channels and the fourth has only 1. Most of the decor/clutter items are not recolorable because they were cloned from items that had no textures set up. Please reference the images with the red and green checkered patterns to see the recolorable parts of each mesh. Also, the painting comes set with a choice of four different in-game photos, the white portion and frame are the only recolorable parts of the mesh.

Here's a view of the top of the bookcase, showing the mapping, as the one included doesn't really show well. [Photo]

Polygon Counts:
See above table.

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