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Random Objects Pack 2 : Modern

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Uploaded: 24th Jun 2013 at 2:24 AM
Hi everyone !

This is the second part of my Random Objects Pack !

The Open Shelf
The open shelf makes no differences, it adapts to all situations, it accepts all objects, small, big, black, white, plants or animals.

The Common-modern chair
The Common-modernchair is common and modern. Its banality makes it unnoticeable in a modern place, and its modernity is very common.

Typographic pictures
Five paintings of alphabet letters or geometric shapes. They aren't worth their price, they were made by a student who had left the safe "coffee machine area" to test layout softwares.

Ingame descriptions are available in English and French.
Objects created with 1.48 Base game version. Should be compatible with the most recent patch.

They are in :
The Open Shelf, 90 Simoleon : Storage > Miscellaneous
The Common-modern chair, 80 Simoleon : Comfort > Miscellaneous
Typographic pictures, 40 Simoleon : Decor > Wall Decoration

Package files.

I hope you will enjoy them !

Have fun !

Polygon Counts:
Open Shelf : 878 faces
The Common-modern chair : 1252 faces
Typographic pictures : 100 faces