Heating Radiator

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Uploaded 13th Jun 2012 at 4:54 PM · Updated 13th Jun 2012 at 11:34 PM by Lisen801

Well, this is not a big deal but I just made a radiotor for my "NordicWindows". It goes down with the wall, not disturbing the playing.
The radiator comes with just one default color but it have three channels so you can CAST as you like.

If you already have something else placed at the window you must use moveobjects on when placing the radiator.

Name and price:

The Radiator is named Lisen_HeatingRadiator1x1 in game.
It cost $200
You find it Decorative-Sculptures

Polygon Counts:
The radiator have 132 vertices and 259 faces

Additional Credits:
I want to thank EA for the game, the developers of the programs and utilites I use and all the helpful people here and there