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I'm glad if someone enjoy my creations and happy if you use it in your game. You may use it in your uploads but not claim it as your own and no pay please.
Credit is nice but not mandatory.

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Uploading terms:

  • Share only on MTS2.
With my meshes:
  • You may include with Lots.
  • You may include with Sims.
  • You may include with recolours.
  • You may re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
  • Additionally:
    • Please include my readme.
    • You may recolour using my textures.
    • You may recolour making your own textures
    • Do NOT recolour this in any way.
With my recolours:
  • You may include with Lots.
  • You may include with Sims.
  • You may recolour using my textures.
  • You may re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
With my walls/floors:
  • You may include with Lots.
  • You may recolour using my textures.
  • You may re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
General terms:
  • Please give credit with a link when using my work.
  • Ask me first before modifying/using.
  • Let me know if you use my work.
  • Onoz!! Zmobies!!!

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  • 3 small Potted Plants

    by Lisen801 15th Jun 2012 at 2:43pm

    This is just three palnts in smaller size as decorations for your sims windows, tables, etc. more...

    37 66.7k 250

    By Function » Decorative » Plants

  • Heating Radiator

    by Lisen801 13th Jun 2012 at 4:54pm

    This is just a heating radiator mainly for my "Nordic Windows" more...

    +1 packs 26 52k 169

    By Function » Decorative » Sculptures

  • Shiftable shelf for Windows and Walls

    by Lisen801 13th Jun 2012 at 4:54pm

    This is just a small shelf created for making it possible to place objects in the window but also a module shelf for walls. more...

    +1 packs 25 74.1k 367

    By Function » Surfaces » Shelves

  • 5 new Windows

    by Lisen801 13th Jun 2012 at 4:52pm

    This is a set with five windows in Scandinavian or Nordic design more...

    22 56.6k 166

    Build Mode » Doors & Windows

  • Edited Wainscot panels textures

    by Lisen801 5th Jun 2012 at 4:30pm

    The Wainscot Panels with more real texturing more...

  • A simplified hopscotch

    by Lisen801 5th Jun 2012 at 4:25pm

    This is a simplified variant of hopscotch, more adapted to reality. Usually it is so that the children themselves draw up the lines and figures. more...

    +1 packs 21 37.4k 134

    By Function » Hobbies » Recreation

  • Simple Barn Door, 2x1

    by Lisen801 22nd Feb 2011 at 6:16pm

    This is just a simple rustic double door for barns, factories and other buildings more...

    30 66.4k 134

    Build Mode » Doors & Windows

  • Heavy Wood Arches

    by Lisen801 16th Feb 2011 at 6:16pm

    This is just two wood arches for your barn, castle, celler or something else more...

    13 40.6k 113

    Build Mode » Doors & Windows

  • The Bedroom

    by Lisen801 5th Feb 2011 at 7:43am , updated 25th May 2012 at 6:48pm

    A few items for a bedroom in the 50's style more...

    46 75.1k 181

    By Function » Comfort » Beds and Bedding

  • A Collector's Dream

    by Lisen801 29th Jan 2011 at 5:54pm , updated 26th May 2012 at 12:09am

    Yes, this may be what your collecting sim desire, a shelf with many slots for the various clutter and a rack with all 55 slots. more...

    191 294.7k 1k

    By Function » Surfaces » Miscellaneous

  • Dresser and Mirror in fifty model.

    by Lisen801 27th Jan 2011 at 5:13pm

    A small dresser and matching mirror that was common in many homes in the fifties. more...

    18 44.2k 100

    By Function » Miscellaneous » Dressers

  • Coffee Set

    by Lisen801 24th Jan 2011 at 6:51pm

    I popular TV-bowl and cups for your tv evening time. Popular in the 50/60's more...

    35 87.7k 295

    By Function » Decorative » Miscellaneous

  • The 50's Children Chair

    by Lisen801 21st Jan 2011 at 6:02pm

    A classical design of a High Children Chair more...

    27 57.5k 125

    By Room » Nursery » Other objects

  • The 50's Kitchen

    by Lisen801 17th Jan 2011 at 6:10pm , updated 20th Jan 2011 at 10:31am

    A small set of objects from the 50's kitchen. more...

    80 119.2k 237

    By Room » Kitchen

  • The "String" Shelf

    by Lisen801 14th Jan 2011 at 5:32pm

    This was a very, very useful and common shelf here in Sweden in the 50's and are now a high-profile retro items. more...

    41 89.7k 304

    By Function » Surfaces » Shelves

  • Retro TV

    by Lisen801 12th Jan 2011 at 9:45am

    Thre was i time when the television was a very great addition to the rich family's home... more...

  • Stuff from the 50's

    by Lisen801 8th Jan 2011 at 2:55pm

    I work with several objects from the 50's, a design I like very much. Here I present now four objects, but more will come later. This set includes an easy chairs, a coffee table, a locke more...

    45 76.2k 149

    By Room » Living

  • 4 Buddhas in smaller sizes

    by Lisen801 7th Jan 2011 at 2:46pm

    My other Buddha was huge, yes, and I got several request of other, smaller sizes. Here they are, four different sizes for anyone who like the Buddha. I do! more...

    26 41.6k 94

    By Function » Decorative » Sculptures

  • One more table!

    by Lisen801 26th Dec 2010 at 4:03pm , updated 25th May 2012 at 2:01pm

    Request. A 1x1 cheap table for your sims more...

    28 55.8k 120

    By Function » Surfaces » Dining Tables

  • A folding table in three variants

    by Lisen801 23rd Dec 2010 at 3:20pm

    Actually it's the same table, but in three different variants. A folding table is very convenient for the growing family. more...

    35 41.9k 123

    By Function » Surfaces » Dining Tables