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Pregnancy Progress Controller - new version 10/31/2013

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Uploaded: 26th Aug 2012 at 10:20 AM
Updated: 28th Mar 2014 at 8:13 PM - New version upload
Version 5 should be fully compatible with patches 1.63, 1.66, and 1.67 according to my tests. It is NOT compatible with previous game patch versions. If you're having problems with it, please report what specifically is going wrong in your game.

Note: There is a problem with male sims giving birth at home and then remaining with their only option being "Go to Hospital". This is caused by a change in the game Give Birth at Home code, not by the Pregnancy Controller. I'm looking into possible ways to make a fix, but you can use the Pregnancy Controller to get your sim back to normal: Select the sim, click on any other sim, and click <sim name>: End Pregnancy.

I've found one of the most tedious types of mods to work on is anything pregnancy-related, because for testing I had to get the sim pregnant and then high-speed the game until he/she/whatever started showing and got to the stage I need to see. After a dozen or so tests this gets REALLY old. So I whipped up this script and thought others might like to have it too, not only for testing but for posing and regular gameplay.

What it does:
This mod adds a set of pie menu Pregnancy Options to all sims teen and above, both human and pet. List of functions:
  • Get Sim Pregnant : V2 and V3: Starts a pregnancy for the sim you clicked on, using the currently selected sim as the father/other parent. ***New in V4: You can choose whether to make the active sim or the target sim pregnant, with the other sim as the father/other parent. All versions: You can start a pregnancy for teens, adults/YA, and elders; both female and male. The 'father' sim can be any sim of any age or gender including the same sim you want to get pregnant, but must be the same species. Subject to the usual household number of sims and pets limitations. If the pregnancy can't be started you'll see a reason why.
  • Display Pregnancy Info : Displays a list of pregnancy information including the hour of pregnancy, the percent of pregnancy time elapsed, the first baby's gender, the father's name, and the status of the pregnancy (in progress, paused).
  • Set Pregnancy Stage : You'll be prompted to enter the percentage of full pregnancy you want to set the sim to.
  • Start Labor Now : Starts contractions, which will last the default time for your game. Appears only for human sims.
  • Give Birth Now : Starts the birth process, which may take a couple of minutes.
  • Pause Pregnancy : Stops the pregnancy from progressing. Does not appear when the pregnancy is already paused. The sim will remain at whatever stage she/he is in.
  • Resume Pregnancy : Starts pregnancy progression again. Does not appear when the pregnancy is already progressing normally.
  • End Pregnancy : Stops and removes the pregnancy with no moodlet.
  • *New 9/16/12 update* Set Sex of Baby : Choose whether you want the first baby to be male or female. Will change the baby's gender if necessary.
  • *New 9/16/12 update* Set Chance of Multiple Birth : Choose whether to have one, two, or three babies. Enabled only for humans - pets use a different system that's harder to mod, and horses don't seem to be allowed to have multiple offspring at all. If you choose twins, there's a small chance you'll have triplets. All multiple births are subject to household limits - you won't get enough babies to go over the limit.
  • *New in V2* Added tuning options to not show pregnancy menu on various types of sims.
  • *New in V4* (Requires 1.50 or higher) Added ability to make either active sim or target sim pregnant, now correctly handles aging up.
  • *New in V5* (Requires 1.63 or higher) Added emergency termination function - if a sim is stuck in labor or childbirth: Make it the active sim, click on any other sim, and in Pregnancy Options click to terminate the pregnancy.
Sims will get maternity leave, nausea, pregnant buffs and moods, etc. at the appropriate times. They will change to maternity wear with no fanfare or spin. If set back to before pregnancy becomes visible, they will change back to their normal clothes and body shape. If the pregnancy is terminated, the sim will keep any maternity leave from work.

What it doesn't do:
  • This mod will NOT enable teen, elder, or male pregnancy from woohoo or prevent floating head syndrome for pregnant teens, elders, or males. For those you'll need any of the several teen and/or male maternity mods available here and elsewhere. Here's a place to start looking: http://simswiki.info/wiki.php?title...s.2C_and_Family

Tuning the mod to suit your preferences:
By default, the option to get a sim pregnant (Pregnancy Options / Get Sim Pregnant) will show up on all non-pregnant sims. If that's not what you want, you can use the packages in cmar_PregnancyControllerTuning.zip to control which sims it appears on.
  • cmar_PregnancyControllerTuning_NoMale.package : Pregnancy Options will not appear on males.
  • cmar_PregnancyControllerTuning_NoTeen.package : Pregnancy Options will not appear on teens.
  • cmar_PregnancyControllerTuning_NoElder.package : Pregnancy Options will not appear on elders.
  • cmar_PregnancyControllerTuning_NoPets.package : Pregnancy Options will not appear on animals.
  • cmar_PregnancyControllerTuning_NoNonPregnant.package : Pregnancy Options will not appear on any sim that is not pregnant.
Please don't install all these tuning packages and then complain you don't see pregnancy options on your non-pregnant sims. If you want ALL the pregnancy options don't install any tuning packages.

Pregnancy Options will always appear on all pregnant sims regardless of the tuning above.

  • Without an enabling mod, human teens and elders will not be able to give birth - they will stand around having contractions forever. In the download section for this mod I've included a package that enables birth at home for both teens and elders. If you want more complete birth options (hospital) for teens, use this mod instead, but keep in mind that it doesn't enable birth for elders so if you get an elder pregnant you'll be up the creek. I REPEAT - don't try to make teens or elders give birth without either my cmar_EnableTeenElderBirth.package installed or Sgloomi's mod for teens only. You can only use one birth enabler mod; they will conflict with each other.
  • Once contractions start, the game removes all options from human sims except 'Go to Hospital', so you won't be able to use this mod from that point until the baby is born, except for the emergency termination function which requires you to make the sim in labor active and click on any other sim.
  • You can use these options on sims not on their home lot (visitors) but if you make them start labor or contractions they'll reset to their own lot.
  • The only options usable on sims in a vacation world, in tourist households, or in a University town are Pregnancy Information, Pause, and Resume.
  • If you change the active household, any paused pregnancy will resume its normal progress.
  • Pet collars, saddles, etc. will automatically be removed for a birth.

Please install the version of this mod that matches the patch version of your game. You can see the patch version by hovering your mouse over the first icon in the row of game icons along the bottom of the Launcher. This mod may or may not require updates for future game patch versions. Please don't ask every time a patch comes out - I will not answer those questions unless you've tried it and have a problem to report. If anyone needs this script to work with a previous version, let me know and I'll do it.

PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY DON'T POST "IT DOESN'T WORK" WITH NO DETAILS. Describe the problem - do the options not show up when you click a sim? Do they show up but don't have the effect you expected? Please tell me exactly what's happening (or not happening) or we just waste time and inflate the thread going back and forth with unnecessary questions. If you'll just put a little thought into posting the problem I'll be more than happy to help.

Translations included: (V2) Brazilian Portuguese, (V3) Spanish, (V4) French, German, Czech, Taiwanese Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, (V5) Russian.

If you want to contribute a translation, please download PregnancyControllerTranslationSetup.zip and extract the instructions txt file and the text strings xml file. Following the instructions, edit the xml file to replace the English text with your translations, then either upload the xml file here or PM me and copy the contents of the xml file into your PM. Thanks! If I've overlooked a translation you sent, please remind me. :D

Additional Credits:
Buzzler for the Pure Scripting Modding tutorial
Peter and Inge Jones for s3pe.

Brazilian Portuguese: Bluna The Sims
Spanish: greenbutterfly
French: Caomei
German: dorfmaedchen
Czech: kalibutan
Taiwanese: yipivanedus
Dutch: BeertjeNeko
Italian: noscusamiunattimo
Swedish: Aridenze
Russian: simoman3

Update 9/7/2012:
  • A major overhaul to fix glitches, make the mod reliable, and add new functionality.
  • The package name is changed to cmar_PregnancyController.package.
  • Don't forget to remove the old cmar_PregnancyStage.package.
  • cmar_EnableTeenElderBirth.package added to enable birth at home for teens and elders.
  • Sims will now get maternity leave, buffs, etc., and can be set back to the beginning of pregnancy.

Update 9/16/2012:
  • Added two new options: "Set Sex of Baby" and "Set Chance of Multiple Birth".

Update 9/29/2012: PregnancyControllerV2
  • Added tuning options in cmar_PregnancyControllerTuning.zip. See the section above on 'Tuning the mod' for details.
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Removed the 'Restart Pregnancy' option because I realized it's useless - anyone wanting to start over can set the pregnancy back to 0%.

Update 11/2/2012: PregnancyControllerV3
  • Updated for patch 1.42 - this version should resolve the problem of the game crashing when displaying pregnancy information.
  • Added Spanish translation.

Update 5/3/2013: PregnancyControllerV4
  • Updated for patch 1.50 - options are restricted in a University town.
  • Added ability to choose whether to make active sim or target (clicked-on) sim pregnant.
  • Sims will now get the pregnancy options when aged up from child to teen.
  • Added French, German, Czech, Taiwanese Chinese, Dutch, Italian, and Swedish translations.

Update 5/8/2013: PregnancyControllerV4.1
  • Fixed the ugly script errors every time a sim aged up in the town. Oops, sorry about that!

Update 10/31/2013: PregnancyControllerV5
  • Updated for patch 1.63.
  • Options will no longer appear on plumbots.
  • Added emergency termination function - if a sim is stuck in labor or childbirth: Make it the active sim, click on any other sim, and in Pregnancy Options click to terminate the pregnancy.
  • Added Russian translation.
  • Hopefully any annoying error messages about null objects will be gone. This doesn't happen in my game so I've been unable to test the way I'd like.