Clare Doyle

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Hi eveyone

I'm really getting to where i'm making a lot of sims from various cultures that was my intentions from the beginning i'v been kind of putting it to side lately but here is another sim i'v been working on for awhile and feel she's finally ready to share with everyone.

Clare doyle is an irish american woman residing in the town of moonlight falls who loves helping others she can be a bit over the top sometimes but is an all around nice person.

her current hobby is plain and simple proving that supernatural being do exist that hobby just might turn into a career some day but for now she works a part time job at the local bistro a job she likes very much because it gives her plenty of time to pursue her hobby.

(packaged with ea hair and default skin)

Loves The Outdoors
Night Owl
Super Natural Fan

Fruit Parfait


Custom Content Used(not Included)
Cu Skin A By mallow
Ultra-Plain Eyes : Default By tamo
Jelly Lipgloss 2 By lemon leaf
Forever Is Over #25

Custom Sliders Used
Cmar skintone panel+Body Sliders
Facial Sliders by Ahmad (bella3lek4 of MTS)
Mature Girls Set (Nose and Brow Ridge Sliders)

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