Mature Girls Set (Nose and Brow Ridge Sliders)

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Uploaded: 8th May 2011 at 12:18 PM
Updated: 5th Jun 2011 at 6:41 AM

Mature Girls Set
"A pair of sliders useful when making more 'moody and intense' looking female sims"

Both sliders are for Young Adult Females. I received requests about making these type of sliders before, and it's only now that I've gotten to them

Nose Slider: Geom-Based; Makes Nostrils More Defined. Found under Nose/Nostril Panel as Nose Definition
Brow Slider: Geom-Based; Makes Eyebrows Thicker/Taller. Found under Eyes/Eyebrow Panel as Brow Ridge YF


Brow Ridge Slider
Now, this was asked for maybe.....two months ago? Last year even. What this does is it makes the brow ridge a little sharper, and it makes the eyebrows thicker.

Frontal View:(Before and After; 0% to 50% Blending; See Side Profile Attachment)

Do not move this slider more than 50% to the right, or your sim will start to look like a man. I'm not kidding, your sim will start to look seriously masculine rather than "mature" and resemble a neolithic cave-person or something. 100% Intensity is ugly and reminds me of a football player, if you want to see it, you can go in CAS and see it yourself...

Example of Ideal Usage (Exhibit A; Justine's Brow Ridge; 50% Intensity)

Like I said, you probably don't want your sims looking like strange, masculine women so I would advise you not push this thing too far. To ensure your sim looks both mature and feminine, the farther you push this slider, the taller the nose bridge needs to be. This slider looks best on tall profiles with a bowing nose...


Nostril Slider
Now this has secretly bugged me ever since I entered CAS (secretly, because I didn't even realize how truly annoying this was until I started playing with skintones)--the female nostril has very little definition on it. It looks like the nose is blended into the cheek, but anyways, I really like how the nostrils look on the guy faces, and I wanted something similar for the girls...

Quarter Profile: (Before and After; 0% to 100% Blending)

It's a subtle difference, but an improvement......also looks best on noses with more definition.....

Slider Limitation Issue
Getting these sliders to work might require a mod if you already have custom sliders installed! By default, the game allows only twenty sliders in commission at a given time, but, should you install either of the following mods you can have an unlimited amount:
Lastly, I also noticed that my CAS thumbnails look kinda weird after using this mod (girls be looking like quicksilver from x-men)...could be a coincidence, but it's nothing like REALLY weird that's worth worrying or even caring about...

Additional Credits:
1.) Delphy for his Small Editors
2.) CmarNYC for her Morphmaker
3.) Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE
4.) Wes Howe for his Q-Mesh Tool

Hope I didn't forget someone This mod wouldn't exist if they didn't lol