Ann Gerrish

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Uploaded: 12th May 2010 at 8:17 AM
Meet Ann. She is a curious know-it-all. Almost noone likes her at first, it is difficult to spot her erudite mind and good sence of humour behind her superior and explosive personality. She has few friends and lots of acquaintances, who call her "that-smart-ass-Gerrish-brat".
She was brought up in a good and quite wealthy family. Her father was the successful politician, continuosly leading election campains for llama rights. Still, he always had time to read and to explain things about world and such to Ann, when she was small. People say she took after her father a lot. Ann is extremely well read and when she starts something she usually carries it out till the end no matter what. She started to live alone when she went to colledge, working to pay the rent after classes, as she didn't want to live in the shade of her father's name anymore.
Currently she is fresh out of uiversity, looking for her own place in life. Her recent goal is to become Star News Anchor, but it's easier said then done even for so motivated girl as Ann. Will she be able to find a compromise between her future career and marginal lifestyle?

So, Ann's traits are:
Heavy Sleeper.

She likes:
Indie music;
Fish and Chips;
Red Colour.

Age: Young Adult

List of CC used:
Hair from Club Crimson;
Plain Scull Tank from All About Style;
Eye Bags from Kittyklan;
Star Earrings by Tamo;
Freckles (version 3) by Lady Frontbum;
Natural Lipcolour by Arisuka;
Blush by Subaxi.

To Install

Extract from the rar and place the .sim file in the SavedSims folder in: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims.
It will show up in your sims bin in CAS. Don't forget to install CC if you want her to look exactly as she is.